What Does a Digital Marketing Associate Do?

In this post I will explain what does a marketing associate do, what to look for in the position and what is required.

As businesses need new and better ways to identify opportunities and communicate with their potential customers, efficient marketing is becoming crucial.

More and more marketing roles are being created and adapted to keep pace with ever-changing markets and generate growth.

Marketing associate is an entry-level marketing role. It is typically under the supervision of a marketing manager.

You could be interested in starting a career as a marketer. In this case, a marketing associate position can help build a strong foundation.

It can be a rewarding role where you acquire a lot of knowledge and experience. Eventually, you will be able to move up in the marketing hierarchy.

To take advantage of all the opportunities this job has to offer, you will need certain skills and abilities.

Keep reading to find out what a marketing associate does, what skills are required, and what job opportunities you can expect.

What Does a Marketing Associate Do?

A marketing associate position requires analytical and communication skills. Candidates need to be goal and detail oriented.

A marketing associate’s job is focused on executing various marketing activities. The most significant ones are market research and analyzing trends and data. The main goal of a marketing associate is to contribute to identifying opportunities and improving marketing strategies.

Tasks include:

  • conducting market research
  • analyzing consumer data
  • creating reports
  • revising advertising materials
  • organizing events
  • following industry trends
  • evaluating and managing customer satisfaction
  • managing administrative tasks

All in all, the marketing associate’s role is to offer support to account executives and the marketing manager in planning and implementing marketing activities.

Marketing Associate Job Description

After this marketing associate overview, let’s see what a marketing associate does on a day-to-day basis.

Market Research

A marketing associate handles market research duties with the goal of:

  • providing reports
  • identifying growth opportunities
  • monitoring the competition
  • identifying prospective customers

Data Analysis

A marketing associate handles multiple tasks relating to gathering and analyzing data. In general, this data concerns:

  • customer behavioral data (ranking, surveys, traffic, etc.)
  • performance monitoring through Google Analytics and AdWords
  • marketing metrics such as conversion rates
  • A/B campaigns
  • SEO and SEM strategies
  • regular sales forecasts
  • marketing activities of competitors
  • metrics relating to results of past marketing campaigns

The goal of data analysis tasks is to identify opportunities, threats, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Analytics can generate strategic insights and influence key business decisions.

Marketing Materials & Content

Marketing associates handle the coordination and revision of advertising and marketing materials. Additionally, they can also be tasked with creating content.

Responsibilities may include:

  • using web analytics tools to identify target keywords to be used in relevant content
  • collaboration with designers and content creators for email campaigns, brochures, newsletters, etc.
  • outsourcing content creation to designers and copywriters


Marketing associates assist the marketing manager in planning and organizing marketing events. They may handle various coordination and management tasks.

Task examples:

  • scheduling events based on marketing strategy milestones
  • assisting in planning and implementing promotional campaigns
  • support in organizing specific events
  • keeping track of promotional event results and specific metrics

Social media

Oftentimes, marketing associates handle the social media pages of one or several companies. 

Tasks can include:

  • analyzing social media trends and proposing specific strategies and activities
  • set up social media pages to increase sales
  • manage social media pages ensuring customer satisfaction
  • implementing strategies for increasing follower engagement
  • manage social media campaigns

Administrative Tasks

Marketing assistants are responsible for the daily administrative tasks of their department.

Tasks include:

  • performing daily operations
  • preparing reports and documents for sales and marketing team meetings (research, data analysis, presentations)
  • preparing reports and documents for customer meetings
  • scheduling meetings
  • keeping minutes of meetings and coordinating internal communications

Marketing Associate Skills

Marketing associates need to have (or quickly develop) the following skills:

  • marketing techniques
  • communication
  • research
  • analytical

In their role, they must implement marketing techniques and analyze market trends as well as customer behavior.

To perform their tasks, marketing associates gather data from multiple sources and interpret it.  They need to be familiar with:

  • spreadsheets
  • qualitative and quantitative data
  • KPIs
  • ROI metrics

Because data analysis is delicate, marketing associates are required to have good presentation skills. And be detail oriented. Additionally, marketing associates need good communication skills. They need to be able to perform well in fast-paced environments.

Other required skills for a marketing associate may include:

  • previous experience as a marketing associate, marketing assistant, or in a customer service role
  • knowledge of marketing techniques and digital tools
  • creativity
  • computer skills
  • web analytics skills
  • degree in Marketing or relevant field

Marketing Associate Job Opportunities

You will find most marketing associates working in advertising agencies. However, not all companies outsource their marketing. Some have in-house marketing teams or outsource only part of their marketing activities. Marketing assistants can also be part of these in-house marketing teams.

The role of marketing assistant is entry-level. It is a good position to start from if you want to advance in marketing. As you accumulate experience, you can pursue a higher-level career with more responsibilities and higher pay.

Other marketing career options include:

  • Market Research Analyst – related
  • Marketing Coordinator – higher
  • Marketing Manager – higher


The role of a marketing associate is a great first step in a marketing career. It comes with a lot of opportunity for learning and growth.

Associates with a passion for marketing can learn all the ropes of advertising tactics and strategies and move up in their careers in just a few years.


How to become a marketing associate?

With the right set of tools and gained experience you can apply for this positions successfully.

Can you learn the needed skills for free?

Yes you can, marketing and digital marketing a covered in detail online on various free resources.

Do I need to buy a course?

No, everything is available online for free.

What is the best way to get some experience?

Creating your own project. Pick a niche, choose a goal and test your marketing knowledge on it.


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