How To Find Someone’s Email Address By Their Name For Free

The first thing that new marketers want to learn is how to find someone’s email address by their name for free.

Finding the email address of someone is the basis of cold emailing. It would allow you to contact the person directly, and present them with your offer. Creating a personal email is a valid strategy that should help increase the conversion rates.

You can find anyone’s email address with specialized tools. However, these might be really costly for new companies. This is is why a lot of marketers try to find email addresses through websites, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sources. If you wish, you can even contact these people through social media. But, this is usually not the optimal way of performing email outreach.

In this article, we will go through 10 different ways how to find email addresses without having to pay for email lookup tools.

Go to the company website

Of course, the best way to find someone’s email address is to simply go to their website. While most of the sites will have a contact form, they will also provide the email addresses of their management. In some cases, you might have access to several emails at the same time.

They are usually placed on a company’s About Us page or Contact page. Some organizations will have special sections where they list all of their talents. Within these sections, you might be able to click on a name of a specific person to get their contact info. However, this is somewhat rare.

Besides checking the About Us and Contact page, you might also be able to find email address by going to the PR section. Sometimes, these addresses might be sprinkled all over the domain, and it might take some time to discover them.

The biggest advantage of visiting a domain is that you can find verified email addresses. When using tools, the software might retrieve a general email associated with a domain. Unfortunately, this might not be the email address you need. Sending messages based on wrong contact information will not only waste time, but it will make you think that the person is not interested when, in fact, they never received your email.

Perform Google search

You can also use Google to find anyone’s email address.

Just by putting the first name last name of a person within the Google search bar will retrieve a lot of results. Keep in mind that this method will not always work, especially if you’re looking for a manager of a smaller company. When performing a Google email lookup, the first results that will appear are those of the biggest names and influencers.

When trying to find a specific person, you can also add the name of the domain, their Twitter handle, other related addresses and contact info, or any other piece of information that might help distinguish this person from anyone else with that same name

Another cool trick is using search operators “. They will provide you with the exact name or phrase that you’re looking for thus narrowing down your search. However, keep in mind that search operators will not return that many results, so you might be forced to perform another advanced search after that.

While there are lots of ways to find someone’s email address, people usually have the most success by simply putting their name and domain within the Google search bar.

Use social media

find email address social media

Checking social media profiles is the third-best way to find an email address for free.

Given that people use so many different networks, there will be several methods of finding email addresses. For example, if a person is active on Twitter, you will first have to use Twitter’s advanced search to find their account and then, you should read their bio to find their personal email address.

Perhaps the biggest issue, when you try to find the email address on social media, is that people don’t always use their real names. Twitter and Instagram are good examples. They might use just their first name or just their last name. They might use a completely unrelated nickname making it almost impossible to track them down.

Additionally, lots of us don’t like leaving a personal email address on social media. You might find some information such as date of birth, relationship status, but it is unlikely that you’ll find their contact email.

Perhaps the best way to find an email address is by checking LinkedIn. This platform is specifically made for business people, and besides name and domain, you might also find other valuable contact information.

Rely on known email addresses

You can also utilize known email addresses when trying to find other ones. Keep in mind that every company has email addresses based on the domain name. So, you should put the person’s name followed by @ domain name.

This is perhaps the best way to find their email address as you can always follow the same email pattern. All employees will have to use this generic email address format because this is the best way to present the company in public.

Basically, the only issue that might occur is if you don’t have even one email address. Without that initial contact, you won’t be able to tell what kind of a generic email format the company is using. You can always try to guess domain extension and hope for the best. However, this will not always provide the necessary email contact.

Another great thing about this approach is that you might still be able to find someone’s email address even if you make a mistake initially. What do I mean by this?

Let’s say you try to guess a part of the address. You send an email to a person via Gmail, and it goes through. However, it turns out that you’ve messed up a person’s name and you’ve sent a message to its colleague with the same or similar name. All you have to do now is apologize and ask for your target’s real contact information.

In a way, this will be the best email verification method you’ll ever have!

Use Google advanced search

Among others, you can rely on advanced search to find an email address.

There are several special commands you can utilize for email lookup. Except for the ” separators, there are some other functions you can go with. These features will allow you to pinpoint just the right email address.

In order to execute this tactic, you might be forced to go back and forth several times over. Keep in mind that you don’t need to find the exact contact information. Just by revealing the email pattern, you might find addresses associated with a domain and ultimately, you will find the target address.

Subscribing to a prospect list

When you subscribe to their newsletters list, they will start sending messages from a specific address associated with the domain. Of course, this email might not be the right email you’re looking for, but it will give you an idea of their email structure.

If it’s a smaller company, there is a good chance that this email will belong to the owner or manager. If you know their first name, you can easily deduct that this is the person you’re looking for. Anyway, it will be almost certainly an email address of an executive who is able to make business decisions.

One of the best things you can do is replying to the newsletter. When you do so, the decision-maker on the other side will contact you, and you can start a conversation. You will instantly start building a relationship without being too intrusive.

Use ZoomInfo To Find email addresses

Another good way to find a generic email address is by utilizing the ZoomInfo plugin. This tool is specifically made for Outlook. Although not many people use this tool, you might consider installing it just for the purpose of this campaign.

When you install this plugin, you will have to give the company access to your data. In other words, you will have to allow them access to personal contacts, and they will provide you with 10 email addresses from their database.

This tool has a database with more than 6+ million emails, and you are most likely to find email address that you were looking for.

Connecting with the administrator

Another good way to find email address is by contacting the website administrator. Unfortunately, just asking for an address will not cut it. instead, you need to be crafty when doing it.

Needless to say, you should at least know the first and last name of your target. Throughout the conversation, you should be as polite as possible. You can try and guess the approximate email address of a person. That way, the administrator will think that this individual has already have you their information, but you messed it up a little bit.

You can try with their first name last name combination. If it’s close enough to their real contact data, the admin might help you out by providing the exact address. Needless to say, you need to be really sneaky when utilizing this method.

Check their personal website or blog

If you’re trying to find an email of a really influential individual, there is a good chance they will have a personal website or a blog. Guys with large followership often have several platforms and email addresses that are used for various purposes. They use them for managing the personal brand.

So, if you’re unable to find email address associated with the business domain, you might as well try to find their personal page. Oftentimes, you can find the individual’s blog by checking their social profiles. Even if they don’t disclose company information, they will likely disclose their personal data.

You can check their LinkedIn profile, Facebook, or Twitter for this information.

One of the sneaky ways to find personal email is by going to the company website and asking for their personal page. Most brands will oblige this request because they won’t have to disclose company website data. Then, when you reach the individual’s blog, you can utilize it to search for their business address.

Performing free searches with tools

Certain email lookup software will allow you to perform free searches before you subscribe to their tool. These searches are done on a monthly basis, so you can revisit the same tool several times over to receive this free service.

With certain software, you can do 50 free searches every month. So, not only will you be able to find an email of your primary target, but you will be able to find numerous other leads for free.

Use email permutators

Using an email permutator is another good way to find email addresses. This method is not as reliable as some other, but you might still be able to find the email you need.

Keep in mind that these tools basically spew various email addresses, and it might look frantic at times. Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t work. An average email permutator is a simplistic tool, and most of them come in the form of a Google Chrome extension.

Lastly, I need to mention as another good way to find email addresses. With this tool, you are able to perform free searches. Basically, if you are able to give a valid email address that is not within the database, the tool will give you one email address for free.

Bear in mind that all of the data within the tool is provided by users. So, the email addresses might not be correct at times.

Even if these methods don’t work, there is always an option of going with paid tools. Of course, paid options have their own advantages. For example, they can save you a lot of time, and they are quite reliable. In fact, they might provide the same set of email addresses that you would otherwise find when performing a manual search.

Find someone’s email address FAQ

How to find someone’s email address for free?

There are tools that you can use of just make a specialized search in Google


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