Best Reverse Email Lookup Tool, 2024

Reverse email lookup is a process where you get accurate information about a person based on their email address.

There are lots of reasons why you would do this. Primarily, it is a way of verifying a user’s identity, full name, and other factual information. Through reverse email search, you can get a lot of data about a target person.

These tools can also be important if someone is pitching you or asking for your information. By performing an email lookup, you can decide whether or not you should trust them with personal information. Furthermore, this process is something you can always do before starting any online relationship.

In this article, you will learn more about the procedure, and I will share some reverse email lookup free tools.

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

Email lookup service is something that allows people to check the data regarding a target person. It relies on email address search, as its basis. Once you input an email address of a user, a tool will retrieve matching results within seconds.

Besides disclosing the full name, these services are able to retrieve other valuable information of the target. For example, a reverse email search will allow you to find phone numbers, find email addresses, social media profiles, criminal records, and other personal data.

These tools are especially important for establishing business relationships of any kind. Whether these are potential business partners, buyers, sellers, or potential employees, you would like to find them and check them on Google and social media platforms.

These searches are especially important during cold pitching, or if you don’t trust a person for whatever other reason. If a web user is trying to perform an online scam, you can quickly check their criminal record.

Here are some of the best tools that you can find on the market:

  • CocoFinder provides the identity of a person almost immediately
  • Intelius is great for connecting different users by relying on its huge database
  • TruthFinder will help you reveal personal details of a spammer or a scammer
  • Instant Checkmate will give you accurate and thorough data such as the address of the target

How to perform reverse email lookup?

Essentially there are two main ways how to search for somebody through their email. Use a tool or do it manually.

Use a reverse email lookup Tool

The whole process can be done by utilizing one of the numerous online services. If you wish to find any address, CocoFinder provides a quick and easy solution. This is a free reverse email lookup that allows users to quickly find personal information about a target person including their phone numbers, accurate home address, criminal records, and other data.

An interesting thing about CocoFinder is there are numerous ways you can find the required data. You can simply start by adding the full name of a target person in order to get their phone number and other valuable data. Performing reverse email address lookup is really easy with this software, and you can find all the necessary factual information within minutes.

Even if you have partial data about a target person, you are still able to search for them with this lookup application. You can utilize the software by relying on its people search feature. However, you will still need a person’s phone number in order to get accurate results.

When you get a report, you will be able to extract numerous details about users including their names, social media accounts, phone numbers, employment history, educational details, etc.

How to search for information with CocoFinder?

Here is how the lookup service works:

  • Get to the browser
  • Enter CocoFinder official website address
  • Type in a proper email address of a target
  • Click on the “Start Search” button
  • The tool will start performing a background check of a user and will return search results within a few minutes
  • CocoFinder will take this information to check data stored within its online servers. The database is regularly updated making sure that email addresses are always relevant
  • The software will only return search results connected to a valid email address
  • When you click on the name, you will be sent to another screen where you can check the phone number, social media accounts of a target as well as other personal data

Pros of Cocofinder

While there are other apps that would allow you to find someone, CocoFinder provides a much more thorough and pleasant experience. Here are some of its main features:

Great user experience

With this email lookup tool, you can utilize the address of the target to quickly search from all the relevant data. It will allow you to perform an identity-check of any individual who can be otherwise found within search engines and specifically, social media platforms. The tool is really simplistic, free, and it will allow you to find someone who is otherwise hard to track.

High level of transparency

CocoFinder has very strict rules regarding how you can utilize someone’s background records. First off, you can’t utilize the data to screen people from jobs. You cannot utilize someone’s history against them; the information can only be utilized within search engines, and you cannot download it to your personal computer. Keep in mind that this software is FCRA compliant.

Finding the most relevant background details

When you get a report from CocoFinder, it will be quite long. However, the interface is pretty simplistic and well-organized, so it won’t be an issue going through all these details. CocoFinder will retrieve all the details including a person’s phone number, previous education and workplaces, names of relatives, social media accounts, and so on. If you don’t need some of the information, the lookup tool allows you to skip sections of the report that you don’t want to read.

Performing social network checkup

Among other things, you can use the software to search through the social media accounts of an individual. You will get all the social accounts that were created with this address. After that, performing a background check will be a breeze. All you need to do is go to the related website and check the social account of the user. Here, you can even find some additional information about the target person that wasn’t shown in the app.

Cons of Reverse Email Finder Tools

Before we move on, I would like to bring up one issue that I had. I tried to reverse lookup my own email through Cocofinder – and the results were completely wrong. So before paying for any kind of report – do you wo research!

Searching On Social Media

Besides using one of these platforms, you can also find valuable info through social media. Keep in mind that you won’t need emails for this step. Instead, you will just need a person’s account or handle:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re performing business-related searches, there isn’t a better social media than LinkedIn. People mainly utilize the platform for their careers, and you can find all sorts of valuable info such as education info and previous workplaces.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is great as it allows you to circumvent the initial protection set up by the platform. Although you can’t access personal data with the standard account, you will be able to do so with Navigator.

Twitter email search

Twitter is a bit trickier for finding this information.

Besides checking a user bio, you can utilize social media to track an individual’s previous posts. By typing in @, you can find all the previous posts that included email addresses. Of course, there is a good chance that the target, at one point, shared their contact details with the larger public.

Searching On Google

If you already have an email of a person, chances are that this email is listed somewhere online. On their diploma work, maybe in the ad that they posted or in a comment they made on a forum.

Google is a reverse email lookup power tool. Just put the email in quotes (“[email protected]”) and let Google do its thing. It will go through all the public pages and often will provide you results with more information about the person.

Why would you need to reverse email lookup?

There will be numerous instances where you will need to search for an individual’s data. Reverse lookup is something that can be utilized by almost anyone, especially given how many shady people you can encounter on the web.

Here are some of the most common instances, where you will have to check a specific user:

Check the identity of a buyer or seller

Nowadays, when you want to purchase something, there is a much higher chance that you will go through an e-commerce website instead of buying an item through a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

While most of these businesses will disclose their home address, phone number, and email on the website, it is still hard to say if this information is legit. This is why it is better to perform a web search that would uncover all their data.

Such a precautionary measure is especially important when you’re making a larger purchase or sale. While there are numerous third-party websites that work as intermediaries for web transactions, they won’t be reliable for every type of transaction.

This is where an email lookup service comes in handy.

Performing a work-related background check

These checks are very important if you wish to learn more about a potential employee’s history.

Most commonly, companies will do this process in order to see if a target has provided valid educational data. A lot of guys tend to lie on their resumes, and they make up stuff including their past experiences and finished schools.

By using one of the programs for email searches, you can quickly find out more about the target, and whether or not their details are true or false. Among others, this will help you determine if this potential employee is trustworthy.

Improving your marketing

Of course, this process isn’t always negative. In some cases, you just want to learn more about a person before starting a certain process.

Information checks are especially important for sales and marketing teams. Not only do these help to check the email address, but you can get some additional data about a decision-maker before making a pitch.

That makes email apps very valuable for almost any organization.

Finding data about friends and family members

We live in such a turbulent world where people travel long distances to go to school or start a new job. Losing contact with a person is really easy despite the fact that we have all social media at our disposal.

Even if you can’t find their social accounts, or their data through Google, you can always try to track them down via email search platforms. As long as you have their old email, there is a chance of tracking down this old friend of yours.

Performing risk analysis

Email address lookup can also be utilized to perform risk analysis. Regardless of company size, you can never be too certain when doing any business on the web. When using apps such as CocoFinder, not only will you get info about a target, but you can perform various actions such as risk and fraud assessment, as well as determining cybersecurity risks.

Find the identity of group members

Among others, you can use these platforms to uncover the records and identities of people who belong to the same group as you. Whether it’s a workgroup or some type of web community, you could reveal the identity of each one of them. That is if you have their email addresses.

Reverse Email Lookup FAQ

How to do a reverse email lookup?

You can use an online tool or do it manually through searching on social media and on Google.

Can I reverse email search for free?

Yes. Some of the tools are free and of course, you can just use Google to give you more information about the email you are searching for.


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