(Best) 29+ Email Lookup By Name, 2024

Email lookup tool had become an integral part of every company. They are important for anyone who works with clients, and especially for businesses that rely on cold emailing.

While opinion on the use of email search tools may differ, one thing is obvious – email address lookup tools are more popular than ever and are here to stay.

The impact that they can have on your business is hard to match. With the use of these tools, you are able to reach out to people who were not available before. Also, you can do so at great volume multiplying whatever outreach, lead-generation, or pipeline activity that you had.

To put thing into a perspective, 3.8bn people have an email address – chances are that your lead is somewhere out there you just need the right tools to find them!

(If you want a quick reply, the best tool that offers 25 free searches is Hunter.io)

Why use an Email Lookup Tool?

As you read this, there is a goal that you are planning to reach. It might be selling more, inviting new guests to a webinar, or promoting your content to other sites. There is a common denominator – behind all those goals there is a person in this case – a lot of them.

If you would have a website or a business name that you would want to contact, it would take you ages to go through a 200 leads list. With the email lookup tool, you just load everything into a table, and you have got all the potential emails in just one click.

Disclaimer: In this post, you will see affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service through them I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. I have affiliate links only to the products that I have personal experience with and can recommend them.

Best Email Lookup Tools

Almost every email address lookup tool on this list is paid on a monthly basis. To be precise, they are billed monthly, and during this period of time, you will have a certain number of searches (usually 500 to 1,000).

Standard plans with 500 searches usually go for about $40 to $50. However, if you consider the number of leads they can get you, these email look-up tools are more than worth it.

If you have an email and need to find more information, consider reading my reverse email lookup tool post.

Here is my top pick for email lookup tools to find anyone’s email address:

1. Hunter.io

hunter io email lookup tools

My personal favorite can even be considered a free address lookup tool. If you’re looking for an awesome email search tool, it doesn’t get much better than Hunter.io. The great thing about this reverse email lookup app is that you can use it to sweep whole domains. This is especially great if you want to pitch several managers from a company.

Hunter.io works under a simple principle. Just enter the URL, and the app will return all the results associated with that domain. With its email address search, you can find all personnel associated with that URL. Furthermore, the app will give you the most commonly used extension. You can get a free reverse email lookup for up to 100 email searches. After that, you will have to pay a monthly plan, like you would most other apps on this list.

The company also provides public sources for every email that was collected and distributed via their tool. They also come with discovery dates. Also, the data that no longer has public sources are removed.

Hunter.io Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Free plan Starter
Searches per month255002,50010,00030,000
Verifications per month501,0005,00020,00060,000

Out of the many email lookup tools that I tried, I consider hunter to be the best email lookup service. It easily finds both corporate and personal email addresses and in addition to that, it verified email addresses on all my leads lists.

It does domain search and goes through social media accounts to get the best email addresses for your leads lists and other needs. For quicker access, there is also a web browser sidebar plugin that allows you to check the email address right from the browser.

2. Voila Norbert

voila norbert review email lookup tool

Like some other tools on this list, Voila Norbert can be to some extent free address lookup tool. Free address lookup allows you to test the tool without having to invest a dime. In order to search for an email address, you’ll have to type that individual’s name as well as the company name. 

This email lookup tools utilizes a large database of B2B emails. It cross-references your queries with all the data within the database and returns the requested results. The email address lookup tool has completely removed the guesswork from the equation.

According to the creators, Voila Norbert’s main advantage lies in its vast number of enhancements and integrations. The app is able to scale according to your needs making it ideal for both small and large teams.  Voila Norbert has a 98% success rate when performing email lookup for Gmail. Its email address search system will never return duplicates.

Voila Norbert Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Free plan Valet($49)Butler($99)Advisor($249)Councilor($499)
Searches per month50 1,0005,00015,00050,000

3. ContactOut 

contactout email lookup tool review

The company claims that ContactOut is used by 76% of recruiters working for Fortune 500 companies. You can use it to find emails from your LinkedIn contacts. The app is in the form of a Google extension, and it will return data whenever you log into LinkedIn.

Unlike most other apps on the list, ContactOut doesn’t give you free reverse email lookups. It only has paid plans. The company’s servers are able to crawl billions of pages every day. Furthermore, the email lookup tool relies on artificial intelligence to match information to an actual person.

ContactOut works with some of the top recruiting agencies like Ivy Exec, Spreetail, Contract Recruiter, BDEX, TXT International, and the Power Hive.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Searches per month 100200400Team plan is negotiable and starts at $5,000

4. FindEmails

findemails review

If you’re looking for an email lookup tool that’s easy to use, then FindEmails is the one for you. Input your prospect’s name and company to get the emails you need. If you don’t have your prospect’s name, you can input the company and the job role of the person you’d like to reach instead. You can look for prospects in bulk, via Chrome extension and API.

The FindEmails Chrome extension allows you to look for emails when you’re browsing the web. The API, according to FindEmails, can help extract prospects from the web pages you visit. So if you’re doing something else online but want to look for email addresses at the same time, you can do that.

With the extension, people on the go can also search for prospects.

FindEmails allows you to create a free account. Paid plans start at $29 a month for 1,000 credits.

Basic ($29)Better ($49)Best ($99)

5. LeadBoxer

leadboxer review email lookup tool

First off, it is worth mentioning that LeadBoxer is a GDPR compliant application. The email address lookup tool utilizes big-data technology to identify, capture, and enrich leads. What separates this platform from many others is the ability to segment the leads with its dynamic scoring system. You also get notifications whenever a potential client sees or responds to your messages.

LeadBoxer has numerous intriguing features. It relies on numerous integrations for collecting data. The main purpose of the tool is to provide your company with flexibility when dealing with leads. You can use it for individuals, previous customers, existing accounts, and everything in between. LeadBoxer allows you to scale your process.

LeadBoxer doesn’t have a free email lookup. In fact, it only has 2 plans, both of which are relatively expensive compared to what other companies are offering. However, these plants provide an unlimited email address search.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Both plans provide unlimited searches per month 5 users/email clients20 users/email clients
50.000 events included250.000 events included and additional features

6. Snov.io

snov io review

Snov.io can help you with lots of different things. The app is great for generating new leads and finding new sales opportunities. Not only does it allow you to lookup an email address, but it gives you the option of automated outreach. The app tracks open rates, clicks, and replies. Snov.io provides additional data about the leads aside from giving you their emails. Lastly, you can sync it across platforms.

Not only will you perform email lookup for Gmail and the person’s company, but you can use it to find all emails associated with a name. You get a free email lookup for a certain number of emails without having to leave a credit card number. Nevertheless, later on, you will have to pay for the service.

Snov.io has the following features: 7-tier verification method, various verification, and email search features, prospect management, campaign building, campaign sending, high prospect quality, etc.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Searches and verifications per month1,000 credits5,000 credits20,000 credits50,000 credits100,000 credits

7. RocketReach

rocketreach review

This email address lookup tool relies on a database of 6 million companies. Aside from being able to lookup an email address, the app can also extract a person’s phone number. In fact, this is the tool’s main selling point. While RocketReach doesn’t give you the same amount of searches as some other apps, the addition of phone numbers can be invaluable for certain companies. That way, you have two points of entry if you wish to pitch a person with a service or a product.

The app comes in the form of a Chrome extension. You can use it at any time by simply opening your browser. RocketReach gives you access to bulk lookup, which can be great if you wish to scale the process.

The users can utilize free reverse email lookups before choosing a plan. You can search the email addresses of a vast number of entrepreneurs who live in Western countries. RocketReach is great for marketing, sales, and recruiting, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Essentials($59)Pro($119)Ultimate ($299)Enterprise
Searches and verifications per month125300833Enterprise plan is negotiable

8. Find That

find that email address

Find That describes itself as the “Yellow Pages of Email.” and also belongs to the free address lookup group with its free starter package. While this might sound a bit overboard, it is not far from the truth. By simply typing a person’s name, the email address lookup tool is able to return all the emails connected to that individual. In order to add another layer of security, the app ranks these emails based on “confidence.” In other words, the emails that appear at the top are more likely to be legitimate.

Some of the biggest brands in the world use this email lookup tool. The list includes companies like Marriott, Gap, HP, and so on. You can add Find That to your Google Chrome bar and use it at any time. The app allows you to find prospects via social media. You can use it for bulk searches and email verification. Find That integrates with over 500 apps making it easier to use several tools simultaneously.

In terms of plans, most people choose bundles that offer both search and verifications. However, you can opt for only search or only verification. The prices are the same, but you’ll just get more searches or verifications if you take specialized plans.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Searches per month502501,0003,0005,000
Verify per month1007505,00015,00025,000

Find That Lead

find that lead

One of the main reasons why you should try Find That Lead is because of its simplicity. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to start searching for emails as soon as possible. You can perform an email address lookup by simply going to their homepage and typing a domain name into a bar. Keep in mind that you’ll need to create a free plan beforehand.

A lot of companies and entrepreneurs can benefit from this email lookup tool. It is especially great for a sales team, but it can also be utilized by B2B organizations, recruiters, and growth marketers. Find That Lead is especially great if you wish to manage larger email campaigns. Every paid plan comes with the prospector, email sender, bulk processing, and customer support.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Searches and verifications per month105,000 credits18,000 credits30,000 credits

9. LeadGibbon

leadgibbon review

The great thing about this email address lookup tool is that you’re able to perform email searches by industry, job title, company size, location, and so on. The app allows you to pinpoint your ideal leads and prospects. It can be used by sales teams, recruiters, and everyone in between.

LeadGibbon also has a LinkedIn extension that would allow you to quickly and easily extract emails from LinkedIn prospects. If you have a prospect’s name and domain, the enricher feature will allow you to perform email look up for all those individuals, automatically filling a list with the verified emails.

Like with most other email lookup tools, you only pay for leads that actually work. LeadGibbon has an email verifier that will automatically confirm whether an address is legit and if it can accept messages.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Searches and verifications per month5 credits1,000 credits5,000 credits20,000 credits

10. Getemail.io

getmail io review

In order to provide more refined results, Geemail.io relies on machine learning algorithms, as well as big data, to return the results. All users get 10 free email lookups when they first create an account. Of course, you can also get a plan right away.

Getemail.io is used by numerous major companies. The list includes giants such as IMB, Oracle, Google, Monster, and Shopify. The email address lookup tool can provide accurate results most of the time. With it, you also get API access and the ability to download CSV files. Depending on your plan, you might get email, chat, and phone support. The largest plan gets all three of them, which includes 24/7 phone assistance.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Searches per month103001,0002,00010,000

11. Apollo

Apollo is an email address lookup tool that will return results within seconds. As with some tools above, they also have a free plan so free address lookup – check!

The app can be accessed via Google Chrome in the form of an extension. When looking for emails, it relies on its extensive lead database. The extension is especially great for finding emails on LinkedIn. The email address finder will extract all these emails and put them in a list that you can download at any time.

This is one of the best tools on the list because of its affordable pricing. The free email finder will be enough for most businesses, especially for smaller companies. If you wish to go with one of the paid plans, you will get a lot of cool new features, as well as the ability to extract mobile numbers.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Free planBasic($49)Professional($99)Custom 
Searches and verifications per month150 creditsUnlimited email creditsUnlimited email credits,50 Mobile numbersUnlimited email credits, Custom Mobile numbers

12. AeroLeads

Here is another Google Chrome extension that can help you find company email addresses. But, one of the best features of AeroLeads is that it can also help you scrape contacts from blogs, which will quite improve the efficiency of your email marketing endeavors. Of course, the email look-up tool can be utilized for LinkedIn addresses, like many other apps on the list.

Before you can download these phone numbers and addresses, the app will perform an additional checkup that will verify if the data is legit. AeroLeads is very easy to use, it can be integrated with other software, and it also has solid customer service.

Unfortunately, the email lookup tool also has a few flaws. For example, it can only be used on Google Chrome. Also, some users may experience speed issues and in some cases, you might also want to check some of the leads manually. This will prevent potentially over the average bounce rates. Alternatively, you may use a clean-up tool to identify weak leads.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Take Off($49)Climb($149)Cruise($499)Enterprise 
Credits1,000 credits4,000 credits15,000 creditsEnterprise plan is negotiable

13. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is a solid email search tool with very simplistic and straightforward features. You can use it to perform email lookup for free, but only for 90 emails. The client has the option of extracting all the addresses associated with a domain or focus on individual emails.

You can perform email searches in bulk for whole niches and industries. This makes it ideal if you wish to analyze competition or if you wish to pitch numerous companies or potential clients. Anymail Finder will perform a verification before you can access the results, and you will only be charged for addresses that were verified.

Lastly, the app can be integrated with other tools. The biggest drawback of Anymail Finder is that it’s not ideal for personal emails.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Free First plan(€29)Second plan(€39)Third plan(€89)Fourth plan(€129)
Searches and verifications per month90 emails200 emails1,000 emails5,000 emails10,000 emails

14. Discoverly

If you wish to perform free addresses search, there aren’t many better ways to do it than with Discoverly. The Chrome extension was specially created to assist salespeople as well as recruiters when they search for ideal candidates and leads.

The app works by collecting data all over the internet, from various platforms and social media. For example, it will find emails through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gmail, as well as some other places. When it recovers these emails, it will aggregate them and present them within a new Gmail sidebar. Then, the data will be accessible at any time, whenever you open your email.

Unfortunately, it only works for Gmail and cannot be used for other email providers. Given that the tool is completely free, there won’t be any payment plans.

15. Vocus.io

This app is essentially a Gmail lookup tool. Vocus.io is easily accessible through Google Chrome, and it is much more complex than some other tools on the list. For example, you can also utilize it for email scheduling and tracking. Because of these functions, it can be great assistance during cold emailing campaigns.

This email lookup for Gmail is very easy to use despite several features. Given that all of these functions are in one spot, you can use it as a replacement for some more complex software.

While all this sounds great, the extension also has its flaws. The first problem is that you can use it only on Chrome. On top of that, you don’t have access to free email lookup like with some other tools, nor can you use it for bulk searches.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Automated followups50 followups100 followups500 followups

16. Lusha

Lusha is a very powerful email address search tool that can be utilized for emails as well as phones. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the app is that it can be integrated with Salesforce. You can also use it in conjunction with Twitter and LinkedIn. If that wasn’t enough, there is also an open API that you can utilize at any time.

Due to its advanced features, this is probably one of the best solutions if you wish to find company email addresses and phones. It is great for various professionals who need to quickly find lots of personal emails.

Given that Lusha has a bit better features than your average lookup tool, it makes sense that it is more expensive. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about it is that the free option will only give you the taste of the product.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Credits5 credits100 credits300 creditsEnterprise plan is negotiable

17. LeadFuze

This email format finder is used via Google Chrome. It is fairly advanced compared to its peers. For example, you can use it for addresses as well as various other info that can be scraped on social platforms. This makes it a great solution for analyzing leads beforehand.

LeadFuze can be utilized for creating emails as well as tracking them, and you can efficiently use it for drip campaigns. The free feature allows you to check up to 25 addresses.

The biggest advance of this app is that it is really accurate compared to the competition. It has several features that are simply amazing for email campaigns and allows lots of integrations with other software. Alas, it requires some time to get used to. There are also much cheaper solutions on the market.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Credits25 credits500 credits2,500 creditsCustom plan is negotiable

18. Connectifier

Connectifier is specifically made for LinkedIn Recruiter and similar websites. It is a very powerful HR tool that will make your headhunting job that much easier. The app comes in the form of a browser sidebar, which opens as soon as you start using LinkedIn or some other platforms.

With this sidebar, you can go through prospects’ personal information. This includes basic info such as name and location, but also some advanced data such as email address and job position. Connectifier even has its own email directory with 450 million profiles.

While the tool has numerous advantages and it is easy to use, a lot of clients have said that it is somewhat unreliable.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Contact the company for pricing.

19. Datanyze Insider

If you decide to use this nifty email addresses lookup tool, you will be able to gain some amazing insights about your leads. You can get a person’s email by highlighting their name when they appear online. The tool will start a wholesome web search and will return all the addresses that are likely associated with that individual.

As mentioned, the biggest selling point of Datanyze is its simplicity. The software can be integrated with numerous other software, thus expanding its potential use. You have access to the free email finder, and you can switch to a paid plan whenever you want.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the tool is that the free account is not that good. On the other hand, the paid plans are quite pricey, especially for an email search tool.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Nyze Lite Nyze Pro($39)
Credits10 credits per month1080 credits per year

20. Prophet

Most email search tools come in the form of Google Chrome extension. Prophet is no different in that regard, as it allows you to find lots of different info on your leads. Besides emails, you can use it to find people’s job position within the company as well as their social profiles and phones.

Commonly, this tool is utilized by recruiters. Prophet helps them identify and analyze the leads before hiring.  Its search is quite advanced, and it returns results very quickly. What’s also interesting, it will also show you the company’s past employees. That can be great if you wish to snatch a talent who is currently looking for a job. 

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

There are several plans to choose from, as well as a free plan. For more information, it is best to visit the company’s website.

21. Clearbit Connect

One of the best ways to streamline your recruiting processes, as well as to find new business partners, is by using Clearbit Connect. This Gmail lookup tool works in the form of an extension. Whenever you open your Gmail, you will be able to access it. However, it also works in various web browsers.

The app is especially great for people and companies who like to mix and mash their tools. It can be integrated with various solutions such as Segment, Marketo, Zapier, Salesforce, and so on. Furthermore, its nifty connect features can be utilized with both Outlook and Gmail.

Although the tool supports CRM integration, this function is fairly limited. You can use it to get social media data. In fact, you can even use it to scrape candidates’ photos of the web. Keep in mind that Clearbit Connect is not the most precise tool out there, so don’t be disappointed if some of the emails don’t pan out.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Clearbit Connect can be used for free, and you get 100 email lookups each month. If you wish to integrate it with other platforms, the price can vary depending on the platform and your specific needs.

22. SellHack

SellHack is a great tool for generating new leads. Besides the usual email finder, you can use it to build extensive lists, which will all ultimately increase your sales. The tool has a bulk feature, so you can use it to extract a number of emails, verify them, and download them.

The app provides much better results than some other tools on the list. In fact, a lot of HR and sales professionals say that SellHack is their first option. The tool can be used as you’re browsing through Chrome. You can buy just the right amount of credits that you need.

Unfortunately, you cannot roll over these credits when a paying period expires. The company also has a referral program that would allow you to get as many free credits as your friend bought.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Credits100 credits350 credits1,000 credits

23. Wiza

Wiza is a very user-friendly plugin that you can use in Google Chrome. You can use it to perform email search in bulk, but it is also very good for individual addresses. Wiza is specially created for LinkedIn. When going through various profiles, all you need to do is press the “Get Email” button, and the tool will extract the address associated with that account.

Alternatively, the app can be used by performing a LinkedIn search and copy-pasting all the results directly into the tool. Then, all you need to do is click on a single button, and the app will extract all these addresses into an Excel spreadsheet. Before that, Wiza will perform a quick verification of all the emails.

Wiza has a very cool plan called “Pay as you go,” which allows you to pay per email searched.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Free Pay as you go Pro($50)Team($100)
Verified emails20 verified emails$0.15 per verified email300 verified emails1,000 verified emails

24. Uplead

Uplead is an awesome company that cooperates with some of the biggest names within the marketing industry. It offers its users a whole B2B sales platform that can also be utilized for prospecting. According to them, they have 95% accuracy when returning these addresses.

When using the app, an Uplead client will get numerous data about a prospect. In fact, you will be able to check their whole LinkedIn profile. List most other solutions on this list, this tool is really easy to use and very fast. You can also use it for bulk searches. Lastly, all the emails will be verified before they’re presented to the end-user.

The biggest problem with Uplead is that it cannot be used on a mobile phone.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Free Trial Essentials($99)Plus($199)Professional($399)
Credits5 credits170 credits400 credits1,000 credits

25. Hiretual

Hiretual is a great way to streamline your hiring and other lead prospecting tasks. The platform relies on AI sourcing, which is why the app has access to more than 750 million profiles spread across the best 45 platforms for lead generation.

All these email campaigns can be scheduled, and the tool is quite accurate. Needless to say, this tool is much faster than some traditional methods. Hiretual also provides some bonus insights that help users along the way.

Keep in mind that this is another app that cannot be used on a mobile phone. For some users, this is a major issue. According to users, Hiretual is especially great for hard-to-fill roles. It is great in situations where there is a limited talent pool to choose from.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Starter Standard($49)Professional($149)Enterprise($399)
Credits3 contact credits per day1,200 contact credits per year2,400 contact credits per yearEnterprise plan is negotiable

26. FindEmails (formerly Toofr)

With this app, you are able to get numerous personal data about a lead. For example, you can get their first and last name, as well as the company domain associated with that person. However, you might not be able to get an email instantly via LinkedIn. Instead, you might have to use the tool to get to this website and look at it for yourself.

Among others, the tool can provide you with a person’s job title. This can be crucial during extensive HR searches. However, it can also be important for sales teams as you don’t want to pitch a person who doesn’t have the authority to make a deal.

The good thing is that FindEmails will only return verified results. Unfortunately, this data can sometimes be useless.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Credits1,000 credits2,500 credits10,000 creditsCustom plan is negotiable

27. Nymeria

If you need an awesome LinkedIn tool for prospecting, it doesn’t get much better than Nymeria. Perhaps the biggest issue with this platform is that it can only be utilized for your personal network. This reduces your options quite a bit. Luckily, the app is very simplistic, and it will provide results with just one click.

It comes in the form of a Chrome extension, which helps you use it on the go. Nymeria shines when used by bigger teams. There is also an email verifier ensuring that this specific address is legit.

Besides the fact that you can only use it for personal LinkedIn contacts, the company doesn’t provide data about the app’s accuracy. Based on user feedback, Nymeria is worse than most other finders on the list.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Requests1,000 requests3,000 requests10,000 requests

28. HeadReach

HeadReach is a small app that has gained a lot of traction as of late amongst the email lookup tools. It is an online prospecting tool that can be used by sales teams and headhunters when looking for new talents and leads. Among others, you can also efficiently use it for data research. According to creators, the tool can be used for social profiles, email addresses, as well as contextual data.

Its interface is pretty simplistic and quick, and all the searches are performed from within the app. In that sense, HeadReach is a bit different from most apps on the list, most of which work as Chrome extensions. The company relies on its proprietary algorithm when performing all these processes. Furthermore, the platform can be integrated with various popular marketing and email software.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 First plan($39)Second plan($44)Third plan($49)
Credits  50 credits200 creditsUnlimited use

29. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite

As its name implies, this is a prospecting tool that can be used for LinkedIn. The app is simply amazing for extracting data as well as tracking leads afterward. If you connect it to a specific CRM, you can create a very efficient sales funnel.

When using LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite, you can also see who is looking at your profile. The tool will return numerous data regarding potential leads.

But, the app also has several drawbacks. For example, its price for InMail leads is simply too high. While the tool has numerous integration options, it often feels clunky, especially when compared to some other apps on the list. Lastly, we also need to consider the fact that you cannot combine it with KV Core.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

 Professional($99)Team($149)Enterprise(Contact for a quote)
InMail reach out20 per month30 per month50 per month

30. Email Permutator

Email Permutator (also known as Email Permutator+) is a simplistic, free email finder and another interesting pick on our email lookup tools list. You can use it to track prospects’ emails based on their name as well as company domain. By inputting this data, the tool will return a list of potential results.

Due to the fact that this is a free tool, its features are a bit worse compared to paid apps. For example, there is no verification or validation of any sort. Still, it can be a good, cheap solution for people who are looking for individual emails.

Needless to say, Email Permutator doesn’t allow you to scale and is usually best for smaller companies or individual use.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

The tool is completely free, and you can use it at any time.

31. Email Generator

If your prospecting needs are fairly limited, you can go with an Email Generator. Given the strong options that we have here, this would be a weaker pick from the email lookup tools list. This is another completely free tool on our list. Everything is done through the company’s site, where you can input the basic data, and the tool will provide results.

Email Generator is especially great if you need to confirm an email. While it isn’t best for prospecting, it can help you determine if an address really belongs to a specific person. You can also utilize it as a way of signing up for a social platform or a website. Email Generator can be utilized to create temporary emails, as well as test accounts and fake accounts. Lastly, you can use it as a way of creating an email ID.

To reiterate, this app is only for email generation and nothing more.

 Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

This tool is completely free, and you can use it at any time without limit.

32. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is one of the best email platforms on the market. Among others, you can also utilize it as a way of finding emails. Its email finder is not necessarily connected to the main tool. Still, it is a good way to find some addresses for free.

The app works under a simple principle. All you have to do is input a name, last name, company, and position. Then, by clicking on “Generate Searches,” the tool will return a list of ULR where you can check for this specific person. It won’t necessarily return a list of emails, but it will lead you to other places where you can manually search for them.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

While BuzzStream email finder is completely free, the bigger tool is not. Keep in mind that this email platform is mainly utilized as a way of outreaching, not necessarily scraping contacts.

33. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is another comprehensive tool that can be utilized for email search. Its email finder feature is integrated within the software itself, and you won’t be able to use it in the form of an extension.

Ninja Outreach tool is especially great if you’re looking for individuals or if you wish to scrape all the contacts associated with a domain. When you input a particular domain, all you need to do is click on “List of Leads.” This will show you all the addresses associated with the website. You can now extract these results in a CSV file, or you can simply copy-paste them.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Ninja Outreach email finder is not sold separately; you can get it when you pay for the whole tool.

 Free TrialFlex($119)Pro($199)
Contacts7 days for free1,000 contacts4,000 contacts

34. Slik Prospector

Slik Prospector is an awesome tool that will allow you to find just about anyone on LinkedIn. It shows its full potential when used by sales and HR teams. All these emails can be saved in lists, and you can export them to a CRM.

Among others, you can try Slik Prospector for free. Everyone gets 20 credits per month, which is more than enough to test the basic features. According to the company, the app provides 95% accuracy and relies on a database of more than 70 million people.

A client can filter the results based on company name and size, job description, as well as location.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Credits20 credits750 credits2,500 creditsEnterprise plan is negotiable

35. Name2Email

Name2Email is a nifty Google Chrome extension that allows its users to retrieve any kind of email directly from Gmail. In order to retrieve the address, all you need to do is put the lead’s name, last name, and domain extension. The app will then return a list of results associated with the data. By checking this information, you can quite conclude who your target is.

Although the extension is free, there are lots of issues with this app. First off, it isn’t ideal for big businesses that need to simplify their processes. The lack of bulk extraction can prove to be disastrous when you need to find multiple addresses at once.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that Name2Email is fairly easy to use, and it has solid accuracy. In fact, it might be more accurate than some other, more advanced paid tools on the list.

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

The extension is completely free, and you can use it at any time.

36. LeadMine

LeadMine is a fairly accurate tool that will return an enormous number of email results. It relies on its database of more than 200 million contacts that you can access at any time. You can filter all these results based on location, industry, title, and so on. The app is especially great for lead generation, but you might utilize it for some other purposes as well.

When utilizing the tool, all emails are checked beforehand. It is also good for retrieving some other data besides these addresses. The only issue with it is that it doesn’t allow integration. This can be a problem for larger companies that like to have all their software in one place. It also cannot retrieve data for private addresses. 

Pricing and plans (charged monthly)

Credits10 credits250 credits400 credits1,000 credits

Main Features Of a Best Email Lookup Tool

There truly are a lot of email lookup tools to choose from, these would be criteria that you should keep in mind when choosing.

Quality of Leads

This will be clear only after a couple of uses. The main goal of an email address lookup tool is to, drumroll, get you the correct emails, that particular email address that will transform from a cold lead to a client.

When transferring your email into a cold email software you will frequently be prompted to clean your list and your outreach tools will revise them for you. In case you discover that a huge part of the list is marked as “bad emails” that is a sign that the leads that you are getting are bad.

Another sure sign of bad quality is the high bounce rate of your outreach campaigns.

Clean Dashboard

I always prefer a simple, clean dashboard with only the main information. You can get used to anything, but in case a platform does not sit well with you, change it. Every option on this list has a trial, so give a few of them a shot before settling.

Imports & Exports

It is all about efficiency. A tool that I would pick would easily identify where my cold leads are in a table without too much additional information. Goes without saying that you need to have a bulk option available.

On the site of exports, you will of course want several options and file formats. Additionally, it is always good when your previous searches remain stored so you can download them later and not spend more credits on them.

Filters & Settings

Check if your tools of choice have various settings to fine-tune your search. Here is an example from Hunter:

hunter io filter

You want to make sure you do not waste your credit on worthless contacts. These filters will help to set up your search so you receive only the most relevant information.

This should be your guide in order to pick from my best email lookup tools list. Finding someone’s email address might not be that hard (you can do so even through a search engine), but when you need to find tens or hundreds of emails – this is when things get difficult.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you need verified email addresses. Otherwise, you will be just decreasing your domain deliverability.


The sooner you start leveraging the power of email lookup tools the better. These tools will significantly accelerate whatever activity you are now doing and minimalize manual lead searches that are so tedious. Sure, you can find email addresses manually, but the time it will take you to create a lead list …will be significant!

Test a couple of tools before finally settling, they all have trials. You can even A/B test a couple of them to see what quality of lead lists you will be able to get.


What are email address lookup tools?

It is a service that finds email addresses based on the information you provided.

Why do I need an email lookup tool?

When you need to find many emails, doing it manually can take many days, these tools will do it in a few seconds.

Is there a free email lookup?

Yes. In this post, you will find many free options.

How do email lookup tools work?

They search through the internet to provide you with relevant emails or suggest possible email formats.


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