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Welcome to my blog. Let me jump right to it and explain what is actually going on here.

My name is Vlad, and I am a digital marketer. In 4 months I’ve grown Costofincome from DR0 to DR60 and in the upcoming months, even stronger growth is planned. That would be a short version…for the longer one, read below 🙂

Early Years

I am not big on sharing, but I will be glad to give some snippets from my life so you know where I am coming from.

An important thing about me, that I would like to share first is that I did not excel at anything.

Some people are talented in sports, some show business ambition from a young age, some dabble in the academic field.

I was neither of them. I liked playing PC and pen and paper games. Ultima Online, WoW, D&D – that was my proving ground. That was also the place where I formed a few, but very strong, friendships that hold until today.

Growing Up

Getting into my teens it had dawned on me very quickly that money will be an issue. There were some financial struggles when I was growing up, so I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it can be when you do not have any resources.

At that point, a firm idea formed in my mind. Even though I was not good at anything – I will make sure that I am financially successful and that my family is taken care of.

But where to start?

An obvious choice was to read about people who are already successful. I did not really care for biographies written by professional authors so I searched for every autobiography I could put my hands on (some biographies also slipped in on course…).

That was I discovered how, Jean Paul Getty, Walt Disney, Conrad Hilton, JP Morgan, T.B. Pickens, Warren Buffet, and many many others made their fortunes.

Some were more lucky than others in their starting point, but for everyone there was one common denominator.

Work ethics.

No matter how difficult or easy the starting point was. No matter how many obstacles he or she may faced – work ethics was the main character trait that made them successful.

That got me thinking.

You can not adjust your starting point, you have no influence on how tall you are. You can not do anything about your genetics and you can not choose the environment you are in.

The only thing that you can actually influence and shape is you and your work ethics.

As you could have guessed, in the next phase I tried to read everything about self-motivation, work ethics, concentraction and postive thinking.

My all-time favorites are books by Napoleon Hill and speeches by Jim Rohn. I full-heartedly recommend both to you.

But having the right mindset and reading about what a great work ethic is, does not do much for you. So after doing various part-time gigs it was time for serious work.

Getting Started

Feeling empowered with all this new information and thinking that everything can be achieved in a very short period of time – I started to look for something were I could make some money.

But where to start when the only thing you have is motivation and begging level sales skills? After a bit of thought, a logical step seems to be as close to the money as possible.

And where the money is? In the banks. So I decided to try my skills in finance. After doing some unpaid internships I actually managed to get some good traction in this career path.

But very soon I realized that while this is a very interesting path, it is not ideal. Just to give you a few reasons:

  • Your success depends on too many factors.
  • You cant be flexible with your time.
  • Your time is dependant on the availability of others.
  • Everything takes too long.
  • Results of your work will be seen in 6-12 months time.

So I started thinking, what can I do in my spare time to start earnigna side income and maybe develop it into a full scale business in the future.

Since I dabbled with the internet a bit, I started my research and soon stumbled upon something called affiliate marketing.

Self Doubts of an Affiliate Marketer

The year was 2013 and I was deep into learning what affiliate marketing is and what can it do for me.

I was jumping from one thing to another – depending on the income report I recently read.

After building several video game websites, social platforms, coupon sites – I got nowhere.

It just seems that everybody is making money online except for me. While in this post you read this in a few seconds, the projects themselves took together nearly a year to build and test – with no result.

Suddenly, the income reports that earlier were giving me motivation – started to annoy and even depress me.

So after a couple more months of frustration. I did something that I promised myself I will never do. Something that in every book that I read before was written to never do…

I quitted.

It seemed that the cards are stacked against me. I had a feeling that I am missing something, that there might be some kind of a secret recipe that everybody seems to know about, except me.

I worked hard, but it led nowhere. I started to seriously doubts if I can make any money online.

Nothing was working and I closed down all of my projects and got back to the main line of work.

Fighting the Fear

A bit of time had passed. My frustration from my failure got smaller.

I was thinking about digital marketing a lot. It just seemed as a perfect career path.

  • Working with new technologies.
  • Being able to work anytime. Evenings, nights, weekends – fully up to you.
  • Seeing immediate results with many marketing strategies.
  • Limitless earning potential.

Slowly but surely, I started to transform my failures into learning experiences.

The projects that failed, suddenly did not seem as a waste of time, but rather many things started to make perfect sense.

This is when I decided to really go head-in into digital marketing.

  1. I leveraged all my previous experiments and created a foundation on which these new projects were built.
  2. Instead of being all over the place, I concentrated on just a few projects.
  3. I completely cut off all wasting time on income reports, pointless forums, and chatters about who did what and how much they made.
  4. Instead, I devoted most of my time to learning actually technical skills. SEO, A/B testing, paid campaigns, sales funnels, etc.

It took another 3 months before I started to see a light indication of results. While I had to go through several niches, the projects start to be break-even.

These little wins were a huge motivation and self-confidence boost. Suddenly I felt that I can actually do it. I knew that if I would put even more work in, it will start making a good income from my online projects.

Downfall on the Horizon

Fast forward another 6 months, I was making a nice profit (net, after advertising costs) from a project in paid advertising and another one in emailing, where I managed to put together a 250k subscribers list.

Together it combined into a nice five figure monthly profit.

I was utterly ecstatic. This ever-elusive online income was finally mine.

The feeling that you built something from 0 and now it works – is addicting.

Just imagine, that there is nothing now. No websites, no pages, no ads, no titles, no landing pages. But you put the work in and step by step, letter by letter, pitch by pitch – you create it all.

And it starts to work.

Visitors are becoming prospects and prospects are becoming customers. When you look at your dashboards with people from all over the world coming on your sites and you are making a profit from it – seems unreal.

While this was great, it was several smaller projects scattered around and hardly seemed like a coherent business. Verticals that I was in, were becoming slowly but surely saturated, advertising in them was becoming harder, email list needed a constant new inflow of subscribers.

Yet again, I was spreading myself too thin, could not predict the upcoming problems and prepare for them.

But now, I knew that it can be achieved. I knew that I can replicate the success, I gained an incredible amount of insight and experience and instead of giving up, as I did before – I doubled down on digital marketing.

It all Makes Sense Now

For a couple of years I had a blog, which serves as my testing ground. I tested various Pinterest strategies, learned how to get in top 5 results with extra long tail (and low volume) keywords on SEO, capture low competition affiliate keywords etc.

That blog was

At the same time, I was looking for that next big step. For a project that could earn six figures and more a month. A project that could become like an umbrella to various other ideas. Something that would become a household name…an authority site.

While I was spending time scrapping margins with my niche strategies, various sites were able to become brand names in their niches and make completely different levels of income.

The aurhotity of this sites was so strong, that they could enter a new niche a profit from day one. (In simialr sense as if Coca-Cola started producting chewing gum.)

They had a loyal following, they could negotiate with advertisers, they created their own products.

Those sites became a synonym to some of those niches.

That is when it clicked.

Instead of making a quick buck here and there, I will take and built it into one of the main names in the digital marketing and the SaaS niche.

Present Days

Rejuvenated by this vision, I got to work. Putting all my knowledge and experience into this one project, started to yield results.

In just 4 month of laser-focused work, I was featured on many authority sites, such as:

costofincome featured

(Yahoo, Parallels, CXL, GoDaddy, SendInblue, GetResponse, Ecwid, Sales Hacker, )

…and many, many others.

I managed to establish many great relationships in the industry, allowing me to see these results (as of December 2020):

costofincome growth

In this quite short period of time, already attracts thousands of readers, but of course, the main growth is yet to come.

After over 7 years in digital marketing, I know that you do not have to panic if Google does not notice you for a couple of months. I will just keep improving the site until I get there.

While it will take a bit more time for the rankings and traffic to kick in, hard work rarely goes unnoticed.

These results and the ability to build good relationships with main authority sites in the industry, allowed me to be interesting enough for several clients for whom I do digital marketing services and associated consulting.

What Is Next?

Growht and unlimited potential of course. But jokes aside – in front of me there is an unimaginable amount of work.

Nothing is ever perfect, competition is tough in every niche, there is always something to build or improve.

It can be said that I had just scraped the surface of all the hard work that awaits me. But given the early traction that I can already see on this project – hard work is not a problem.

If you are completely sure that what you are doing will work, you will happily put the hours in. The more you do today, the more you will get tomorrow.

A lot of great content is coming in. So stay tuned for updates and new posts.

If you like the results that I’ve shown and would like me to help you with your marketing feel free to reach out to me through any of the contact channels here.

Talk soon!