About Me


Welcome to my blog. Let me jump right to it and explain what is actually going on here.

My name is Vlad Falin, and I am a digital marketer with 10+ years of experience. Through these years I:

  • Built an emailing list of 250 000 subscribers.
  • Created a small social network, did various affiliate marketing projects, had a review site etc.
  • Did direct linking, dropshipping, print on demand
  • Many, $xx,xxx spent on Adwords, FB Ads, and Pinterest Ads.

…just to name a few (in addition to that I have many years of corporate finance experience, but that is beyond the scope of this post :).

You name it I did it. In the last couple of years, I decided to concentrate on one thing – content marketing, resulting in the recent launch of Costofincome.com

In 4 months I’ve grown Costofincome from DR0 to DR60 and in the upcoming months, even stronger growth is planned.

costofincome growth

While Costofincome.com is filled with reviews of SaaS and content about digital marketing, my focus is on helping SaaS companies grow.

In content marketing, there are two main things that need your constant attention:

  • Creating new content.
  • Outreach & Linbuilding.

I am extremely good at both.

Sam Molony mailshake

“We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Vlad, as his deliverables were always of outstanding quality and he was a partner we could rely on.”

Sam Molony – Digital Marketing Specialist, Mailshake

Jessica Reeves Small Business Yahoo Verizon

“Vlad Falin has deep insight into SaaS and digital marketing, while also being able to put it into informative, researched and engaging content.” 

Jessica Reeves – Marketing Manager, Yahoo SB / Verizon

Jon Hayes Authority Hacker

Watching Vlad’s rapid rise to success in the digital marketing space over the past year or two has been phenomenal. It’s clear that he has the knowledge, ability, and determination to get results, and I’m genuinely excited to see where he goes next!

Jon Hayes – Operations Manager, Authority Hacker

vincent bucciachio

“Vlad is a seasoned content marketer, result-driven, and with a strong client-oriented approach.”

Vincent Bucciachio – Founder, SociallyInfused Media,

Above are just some of the few awesome companies that I had the pleasure to work with. And below you can see a few samples of my work

costofincome featured

(Yahoo, Parallels, CXL, GoDaddy, SendInblue, GetResponse, Ecwid, Sales Hacker, )

…and many, many others.

These results and the ability to build good relationships with main authority sites in the industry, allowed me to be interesting enough for several clients for whom I do digital marketing services and associated consulting.

I have the skills, experience, and capacity to help you with content marketing from start to finish. Including both your onsite content and your outreach and link building.