About Costofincome

I would like to explain what is Costofincome, who is Vlad Falin and what all this is about!

What is Costofincome.com about?

Costofincome is here to help you with some niche questions in digital marketing, social media, and online business.

The main focus is on software review. This content category is here to help you pick the right tools to run your business.

A lot of focus was given to email lookup tools, which I consider to be one the main tools to grow your revenue!

In the near future, I would like to create more content about social media, Web3, and other related topics. So stay tuned!

Who is Vlad Falin?

After 10+ years in digital marketing, I started to write on Costofincome to test various link-building, SEO, and content marketing strategies.

Given that I had started quite a wide range of online businesses…I had tips to share 🙂

  • Built an emailing list of 250 000 subscribers.
  • Created a small social network, did various affiliate marketing projects, had a review site etc.
  • Did direct linking, dropshipping, print on demand
  • Many, $xx,xxx spent on Adwords, FB Ads, and Pinterest Ads.

I write on a wide variety of topics. Focusing on tools that I’ve used, strategies that I’ve applied and in the future, I will also focus on some tips for social media and Web3.

If you would like to know more about what I do or you need help with content marketing, check out this page – Vlad Falin SaaS Content Marketer. Here are just a few of the features that I received.

costofincome featured

(Yahoo, Parallels, CXL, GoDaddy, SendInblue, GetResponse, Ecwid, Sales Hacker, )

…and many, many others.

Author Vlad Falin

Vlad Falin is the editor and one of the authors for Costofincome.com. He writes software reviews roundups, shares marketing strategies, and lately focuses on social media.

Author James Davis

Tech geek, excel super-user, software guru, and your go-to guy for all things digital. James has spent over a decade diving deep into the latest software and gadgets, making tech jargon easy for the rest of us. When he’s not geeking out over the newest release, he’s probably hunting for some new Excel tips as James spent 7 years perfecting his excel skills!