How To Make Money On Pinterest For Beginners, 2022

So you are thinking of How to make money on Pinterest.

Great, in this post I will go over several methods on this exact topic.

When starting any project, you are looking for sources of traffic.

No matter how great your blog, video, website or e-shop is – if nobody is paying attention= Nobody will be paying (very proud of this wordplay).

So before you know if your projects work or not, you must do many things to drive traffic to it.

Not all traffic is created equal. You need engaged viewers that can actually buy what you are selling.

That is when Pinterest is coming into the picture.

Several years ago, when I was starting in online marketing it did not really seem that Pinterest will be a significant contributor to the whole traffic mix.

A lot had changed since then.

Every blogger will tell you that they are using Pinterest heavily. You cant be really surprised.

I will list two main facts that should make you interested in discovering what Pinterest can do for your:

  • Around 71% of Pinterest users are Females.
  • 50% of Pinterest users have an income of $50K or greater per year
  • 10% of households that are active on Pinterest are making over $125K.

So we have a highly engaged user base, with serious purchase power.

This combination must lead you to one main thought.



How To Make Money On Pinterest

In the point below I will be discussing several ways to create an income from Pinterest.

The main separation between those methods will be if you are making money on Pinterest or…with Pinterest. You will get the idea soon.

If you pin from time to time, you do not need it. But if you seriously want to get the ball rolling, it is a must. I know. I got it, and my view on Pinterest dramatically changed.

(Tailwind has a free trial, use it.)


1. Affiliate Pins (and basics of how does Pinterest work)

As you know, Pinterest works on …Pins.

You choose a picture (or see it somewhere) and you “Pin” it on your Pinboard for others to see.

This Pin you make will have a clickable link and a description.

Important to know that Pinterest works in a similar manner as a search engine. Let’s presume that somebody is looking for “funny green t-shirts”.

If your pin will appear in the search results and that pin will be showing a funny green t-shirt that you are linking to on Amazon, it is possible that the user may make a purchase.

This is the basis of affiliate pins. Put an affiliate link in your pin.  Write the title of the pin and the description in a way that will make it noticed by the Pinterest search engine and that is it.


  1. Look around Pinterest.
  2. See what the search bar suggestions are saying.
  3. Search for particular long keyword terms so the competition is low.
  4. Create Pins with affiliate links.
  5. Test, improve and repeat.

2. Profiting from Pinterest boards

Finding hidden gems in Pinterest search is great, but what if you are looking for something more stable?

Pinterest allows you to create boards. Boards are sections withing your profile that you can create to help your followers navigate through your pints.

Your profile might be built around home decor, so your boards could be “Minimalist living”, “Living Rooms”, “Greatest Lamps” and so on.

Why do you need to categorize your pins? To gain followers.

Followers are users who are subscribed to your pins. Each time you pin something new, they will get a small alert about the update.

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. Pin pictures related to this topic.
  3. Follow profiles that are similar to your topic, they might follow you back.
  4. Build your audience.
  5. When you have a serious number of followers, start posting promotional pins.
  6. Test, improve and repeat.

3. Pinterest Ads

Building your following on Pinterest takes some time. If you have more money than time, then this might be for you.

Same as Facebook, Twitter or Google – Pinterest has paid ads.

In comparison to Facebook or Google, the cost per click is quite low. So it is a definitely great way to generate some paid traffic.

The obvious advantage is that you pin/ad will get in front of thousands of people instantly.

  1. Look around Pinterest Ads setting.
  2. Find a niche that has a good amount of views.
  3. Choose or product that you could market to that niche (or start your research with a product first)
  4. Create an interesting Pin, put your affiliate/product link in it.
  5. Test, improve and repeat.

4. Driving Pinterest traffic to your blog, website or e-shop.

You don’t have to drive Pinterest traffic only through affiliate links directly.

In many cases, when you are selling products (and it is not an impulse purchase) you should have a landing page that will support the product that you are selling.

It may be a review, comparison or just a description of why the product is good.

Use the methods described above to drive the users from Pinterest first to your own page, and put your product links there.

5. Pinterest Consulting

Let assume that you went through the methods on how to make money on Pinterest.

You do it for quite some time until you can consider yourself to be a professional on this platform.

Many people are starting out on Pinterest every day. You might have some valuable advice from them, that is based on your experience.

This creates an opportunity for you to take consulting clients directly or try Upwork, for example, to get a Pinterest job there.


6. Managing a Pinterest profile

Similar scenario as in the previous point, but with a twist. Now you are not consulting people on how to market on Pinterest, now you are completely outsourcing it.

There are many companies that could drive quality traffic from Pinterest but they do not know-how. They also do not have the capacity to learn or research it.

You could help those companies create content and promote it on Pinterest on their behalf while taking a consulting fee for that.


7. How to make money on Pinterest with Google Adsense.

Drive traffic from Pinterest to your website and have Google Adsense ads there. Google Adsense pays you for every click on their ads.

The amounts will not be big at the start with more and more traffic, you will see a notable increase in your earnings.

You may also want to have a look at my extensive post on 19+ various side hustles that you can start today!


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