[FULL] Landbot Review, Pricing, Examples, Guide For 2024

If you are looking for Landbot in-depth review, examples, and pricing – look no further. In this post, I will go over the main features of, in my opinion, one of the best chatbot platforms out there.

Recently I had a chance to test this chatbot software myself and I was impressed by how intuitive the creation process was. If you heard of the “no-code” movement then Landbot would be the chatbot version of it.

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Bit Of Landbot History

Just a quick dip into the story of Landbot. It was founded by 5 gentlemen in 2017 Valencia, Spain (though its headquarters are now in Barcelona).

It is a private SaaS (software as a service) company that provides business and individuals a platform to easily and quickly build a huge variety of chatbots (as I will show in some of the examples).

On 24/4/2018 Landbot secured a great 3rd place in Startups Summit in Barcelona and in July of the same year they received $2.2mil. in seed founding from Bankiter, Encomenda Smart Capital, and Nauta Capital.

Great, so we established some basic background of Landbot, let’s dive into details.

Landbot Review

landbot review

To simplify the explanation – Landbot is an online platform that allows you to build chatbots in drag and drop mode.

The amount of tools that they provide you with is very impressive. The builds can range from Welcome chatbots to ultra-sophisticated Customer support and many other tools.

You are also provided with many great templates so you always know how to start and can just edit the existing chatbot flow to your liking. Let’s have a look inside the platform.

Landbot Interface

This is the main screen that you will see when you login inside the platform. As you can see I played around with a lot of Landbot templates and create some chatbot flows so test everything out.

landbot dashboard interface

On this one page, you will see the number of chats, number of leads, and finished flows. Also, some more detailed analytics and history of all the chats that were done on this chatbot.

You do not have to work alone, you can add team members and transfer various tasks between each other so everybody knows what they are doing.

One thing that I really liked is the Landbot templates. Sometimes you may not know where to start and the templates are a great resource for a framework that you can make your own.

landbot templates examples

There are templates that will give you the base to cover anything you could possibly imagine, lead generation, product suggestions, customer support, feedback, surveys…the opportunities are limitless.

Landbot Examples

landbot example

Here is a Lanbot example of a simple workflow. It can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be.

As you can see, everything is drag and drop. I created a couple of chatbots to test and it takes literally minutes to make a simple one.

If you would be looking for something more complex, that, of course, will take more work but mostly just on your side. You will have to analyze all the variables of your business, Landbot will do all the heavy lifting for your:

landbot examples structure

There are of course a possibility to see your Landbot bot in action, or desktop or mobile. So you can be sure that everything is working properly.

Landbot Pricing

landbot pricing

You might be pleasantly surprised by the Landbot pricing. Given the amount of work that they will take from your hands, it is a bargain.

To try things out, you have a 3-day trial available. All the tools are there, you can test everything and create a couple of chatbots just to see how it all works for you.

After that, you can stay on a Free version, that already offers 100 chats a month. Integrations and switch to live chat software. Then the sky is the limit, you can have it as a solution for our personal blog or make a chatbot for your 500k a month visitor online store.

How can I use a Chatbot?

Chatbots have many uses that can apply to every stage of your business. First of all, let’s imagine that when the visitors reach your page they are on a customer’s journey, so let’s see how a chatbot can help.

Welcome Message

Chatbots can immediately greet the visitor, helping them to navigate through your page. Your a chatbot can be a way to generate and qualify leads.

Exit Intent, Cart Abandonment

If the visitor plans to leave your site, the chatbot can ask the reason, make an offer (a discount) or provide help. The same goes for when the visitor is planning to leave their cart with items in it. Chabot can suggest a free shipping offer or give additional information that will help the visitor to make the decision.

Products, Content and Service Suggestions

Chatbots can proactively suggest your product, cross-sell and cross-promote your content or completely guide the visitor through your sales funnels on their own.

Customer Service, Surveys, Feedback

Chatbots are a great tool in helping the visitor to navigate through your service or website. Clients are usually looking for immediate help, and chatbots can provide it.

Bookings, Reservations, Event Signups

Landbot chatbots will help you this. No need to have a sales representatives online all the time, chatbots will do it for you 24/7/365. Conenct it to your reservation system or CRM and you are good to go.

Internal Support

Chatbots can be valuable for internal and administrative needs too. Assisting your suppliers or new employees are just some of the areas where chatbots can be helpful.

If you are looking for more chatbot builders, you may want to have a look at my guide where I compare 10 Best Chatbot Builders.


What Is Landbot?

Landbot is a so called software-as-a-service which provide you a simple yet powerfull chatbot solution.

Why do I need a chatbot?

Chatbot can significantly reduce your costs, improve conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction.

Can I integrate Landbot with other services?

Slack, Google Sheets, Zapier, Mailshimp, Stripe, SalesForce, Sendgrid, Dialogflow, Webhooks, Formulas, Zendesk are some of the integration partners.

Does Landbot have a Trial version?

Yes. You can start using it immediately.

Is Landbot cheap?

Yes. You also have a free version to try.


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