Best Green Screen Software For Windows, 2024

In this post, I will cover the green screen software and chroma key software so you can step up your video production!

If you need to quickly know what is the best green screen software is it Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows and iMovie for macOS (it is free!) – read more below.

People like to be comfortable and the saying goes that “a picture can tell a thousand words” – so imagine how many words can a video tell 🙂 It does not come as a surprise that video popularity is continuing to grow. Hubspot reports that over 54% of viewers would like to see more videos from their favorite brand or product (and we are not even getting started on rocket growth of platforms like Youtube, Twitch, or Vimeo).

Green screen may be a differentiator between you and your competition or it can just that extra tool that you need to fully express your ideas and creativity.

Whatever it may be, after reading this post I am sure that you will choose the best option !

Best Green Screen Software

Below you may find my pick of the best chroma key software. There is no exact rank to it, all the tools are comparable due to the variety in prices and features.

 Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premiere pro Best Green Screen Software

Adobe Premiere is ideal for professional-level video editing. This green screen software offers the best editing tools and a one-stop platform for almost any editing you can think of. It has the best range of editing features and options on the market.

With Adobe Premiere you can easily import video and audio files by using the Media Browser. Once your project is uploaded, it takes a few clicks to import assets from After Effects, Photoshop, or Illustrator. You can also use the motion graphic templates offered with Premiere Pro.

The Timeline panel makes it easy to assemble videos, set edit points, add transitions, and refine sequences. All in almost no time at all.

Adobe Premiere Main Features

The main features of Adobe Premiere include:

  • color and sound adjustment
  • importing special effects or graphics
  • importing footage in any file format
  • easily adding video files with drag and drop feature
  • multiple screen editing
  • precision footage trimming and clip extension options
  • adding text and animation to your videos
  • creating motion graphics & adding After Effects
  • using or creating templates
  • Chroma key features

Adobe Premiere works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Adobe Premiere Pricing

Adobe Premiere Pro offers a free 30-day trial. As for pricing, you get 3 options:

  • Annual plan (paid monthly) — US$20.99/mo
  • Annual plan (prepaid) — US$239.88/yr.
  • Monthly plan — US$31.49/mo


imovie Best Green Screen Software

For Apple enthusiasts, iMovie offers some of the best green screen software editing tools. Plus, you don’t even have to download it. It is pre-installed on Mac devices. 

This chroma-key software works best when used with products from the Apple suite. iMovie offers a great selection of features for both mobile and desktop devices. 

You can use it to easily import files, add text and audio, and add narration. The editing options for color grading, effects, and background image are simple and easy to use.

Moreover, iMovie is great for organizing and simultaneously editing your video projects.

iMovie Main Features

The main features of iMovie include:

  • easily import photos and videos to projects
  • multiple features for trimming clips
  • adding seamless transitions and fading audio
  • 13 high-fidelity filters with an intensity adjustment option
  • extra-special effects like picture-in-picture and split-screen
  • 80 soundtrack options that match the length of your movie
  • built-in sound effects or adding voice-over
  • creating trailers
  • green screen special effects
  • multiple sharing options via Messages and directly to Instagram and YouTube

iMovie Pricing

Perhaps the best feature of iMovie is that it’s completely free. The only box you’ll need to check is owning an Apple device.


lightworks review Best Green Screen Software

Lightworks is another great option for free green screen software. It has been around for a while and has awesome features to take your video project to the next level.

With Lightworks, you can easily add real-time effects and edit your green screen videos with professional-level tools. Image enhancement, color grading edits, inbuilt real-time effects are just some of this software’s top features.

This chroma-key software may take some time to get a hang of. I’ll admit to that. But once you do, Lightworks will help you create amazing videos. Once you’re done, you’re only a click away from easily sharing and uploading your projects.

Lightworks Main Features

The main features of Lightworks include:

  • custom definable sequence output formats
  • social media templates for sequence output
  • asset grouping associations
  • intuitive user interface
  • access to royalty-free audio & video
  • multiple editing & trimming options 
  • lo-res proxy workflows for 4K
  • audio & video effects
  • exporting options for YouTube and Vimeo
  • direct access to over 100 included FX’s and stock video from Audio Network and Pond5
  • content in any format (SD, HD, 4K)

Lightworks Pricing

The Lightworks green screen software is free. The only limitation relates to output and export formats.

As for Lightworks Pro, the pricing plans are as follows:

  • Monthly €23.99
  • Yearly €161.99
  • Outright €405.59

Lightworks Pro options include Boris Graffiti and FX packages as well as export options for all formats and resolutions.


openshot Best Green Screen Software

OpenShot is a free, open-source video editing software. For green screen videos, it has great chroma-key and 3D effect options.

With OpenShot, you can add video transitions, slow-motion and 3D effects. It supports numerous audio and video formats. Plus, it has an animation framework that you can use to create your own 3D animations.  

OpenShot works on all devices (Mac, Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD). It’s easy to use and intuitive. However, because it’s an open-source editor, its optimization isn’t always error-free.

OpenShot Main Features

The main features of OpenShot include:

  • cross-platform video editing options
  • full support for Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • multiple video trimming and slicing options
  • powerful animation framework
  • unlimited layers for watermarks, background videos, or audio tracks
  • video editing and effects like background removal and color inversion
  • option to visualize audio files as waveforms
  • easily adding titles using templates or creating your own.
  • 3D animation titles and effects
  • slow motion and time effects like reversing or speeding up video
  • 70+ languages

OpenShot Pricing

OpenShot is available at no cost. Simply download it from their website and start using it. It’s as easy as that.

They also have a donation option for users that want to support the cause.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is ideal for free video editing. It uses VFX tools for Mac or PC. Using it will give you access to the knowledge and support of millions of filmmakers.

When it comes to green screens, this chroma-key software has amazing options. It gives you full control over color correction, edge details, and spill replacement. Creating ultra-realistic videos is easy with its advanced chroma key features for high-quality removal.

Additionally, it has matte cleaning and spill suppression, as well as auto light wrap features. These options are topped off with 2D and 3D layering features that help you create amazing green screen composites.

HitFilm Express Main Features

The main features of HitFilm Express include:

  • green screen actor extraction options
  • broadcast-quality chroma keying
  • high-quality removal from blue or green screens
  • advanced keying features
  • matte cleaning tool for high-quality composites
  • spill simulation for unwanted light reflections
  • light wrapping for realistic effect
  • built-in voice recorder
  • 2D and 3D compositing
  • 410+ effects and presets
  • unlimited tracks and transitions
  • compatibility with most audio and video formats

HitFilm Express Pricing

HitFilm Express is free to download and use on Windows and Mac systems. You will have to pay separately for add-ons for some green screen background editing options, as well as sci-fi effects.

Packages include:

  • Starter Pack – $9
  • Content Creator Pack – $19
  • VFX Artist Pack – $39

OBS Studio

obs studio review

OBS Studio is an open-source video recording and live streaming software. It is also free and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can use OBS Studio to create and mix your video and audio projects in real-time. You can easily add scenes from multiple sources such as images, text, browser windows, or webcams. 

Using this green screen software, you get a seamless transition between unlimited scenes.

The intuitive modular Dock is effortless and has multiple configuration options. Other features include an intuitive audio mixer with pre-loaded filters, VST plugin support, and support for all top streaming platforms.

OBS Studio Main Features

The main features of OBS studio include:

  • multiple screen management tools
  • regular updates and community support
  • customizable transitions between scenes
  • hotkeys for different actions, like switching scenes or stopping streams
  • scene preview with Studio Mode
  • Multiview option for monitoring up to 8 different scenes
  • chroma-keying capabilities

OBS Studio Pricing

Just like most open-source software, OBS Studio is free to download and use and offers users the possibility of donating to support the project.

VSDC Free Editor

VSDC Free Editor

VSDC is an easy-to-use video editor that you can use as chroma-key software for free. It supports most video formats and has many video and audio effects.

Unlike other video editors, VSDC is non-linear. What this means is that you can use it to place scenes in any order or position on the timeline. No matter their size. 

Its visual and audio effects are available in five different categories. Categories include:

  • color correction
  • transformation
  • filters
  • transition effects
  • special effects.

The color blending mode is very useful for quickly editing videos. As are its Instagram-like filters. However, you can also create your own edits by adjusting the parameters as you wish.

VSDC Free Editor Main Features

The main features of VSDC include:

  • masking option for hiding, blurring, or highlighting video elements
  • motion tracking tool for tracking object movements
  • easy social media export options
  • subpixel accuracy for smooth animation
  • multiple format support
  • 4K and HD export options
  • preconfigured profiles for specific multimedia device creation
  • 3D diagrams
  • video library
  • video stabilization tool
  • YouTube uploader
  • built-in DVD burning tool
  • video file converter
  • desktop video capture

VSDC Free Editor Pricing

VSDC is free but also has a Pro option available at $19.99.

Wondershare Filmora

wondershare filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a very intuitive video editor. With it, you can take your green screen videos to a new level of realism.

This chroma-key software has keyframing options for custom animations, as well as motion tracking features. Other great features include audio fade, video effects, and multiple green screen background options.

You can also use the color match option to quickly correct settings across several clips at once. Or, the keyboard shortcuts for hotkey commands.

Wondershare Filmora Main Features

The main features of Wondershare Filmora include:

  • intuitive interface
  • multiple video rotating, merging, and trimming options
  • split-screen views
  • drag-and-drop filters and coloring tools like Auto Color Matching and Color Correction
  • preset or custom animations
  • music and sound effects via the royalty-free library
  • built-in video effects

Wondershare Filmora Pricing

Wondershare Filmora has two paid options. 

Filmora X comes with the following pricing plans:

  • annual plan for Windows $39.99
  • annual plan for macOS $44.99
  • perpetual plan for Windows $69.99
  • perpetual plan for macOS $69.99

Filmora Pro comes with the following pricing plans:

  • annual plan for Windows or macOS $89.99
  • perpetual plan for Windows or macOS $149.99


camtasia review

Camtasia is a professional-grade green screen software. It’s easy to use and intuitive and has an impressive library. Users get access to over 900,000 royalty-free stock videos, as well as music and other customizable assets.

Camtasia is one of the best chroma key software options out there. It has screen recording, presentation importing, and multiple pre-built video templates. For green screen videos, it is ideal for pan animation, as well as zooming in and out. Plus, it comes with a variety of editing options.

Camtasia Main Features

The main features of Camtasia include:

  • pre-built video templates
  • custom templates
  • easy share options
  • access to libraries and themes
  • quick access to frequently used tools and effects
  • websites, software, video calls, or presentation recording options
  • drag-and-drop editor
  • pre-built royalty-free assets
  • audio recording (mic + system)
  • simple video, audio, or image file import
  • adding transition and animation options
  • cursor FX for highlighting
  • option to create brand themes for a consistent look
  • quick background replacement for green screen videos
  • audio FX
  • instant upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast

Camtasia Pricing

Camtasia comes with 4 pricing plans:

  • Individual $244.53/user
  • Business $244.53/user
  • Education $166.27/user
  • Government & Non-Profit $219.09/user

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a dynamic video editor. This green screen software is loaded with great chroma key options. From transitions, object removal, and adding effects to animating logos or characters. It also has a 3D space navigation and design feature.

After Effects had numerous presents for animating titles and credits plus the option to create your own. It has amazing effects to help you change scene-setting, add moving objects, or adjust colors. On top of this, you can use it to create VR videos.

Camtasia Main Features

The main features of After Effects include:

  • import options from Photoshop, Illustrator, and 300+ others
  • 3D design space for 3D projects
  • 3D Transform Gizmo for scaling, positioning, and rotating layers
  • Roto Brush 2 for selecting and tracking objects and isolating them frame by frame
  • simple removal of objects

Camtasia Pricing

Adobe After Effects comes with a 30-day free trial and 3 payment plans:

  • Annual plan (monthly) — US$20.99/mo
  • Annual plan (prepaid) — US$239.88/yr.
  • Monthly plan — US$31.49/mo

Free Green Screen Software

Vast majority of the listed chroma key software that you can find here are free or have a trial option. Alternatively they will provide you with a free version that will cover the vast majority of your needs and you can pay for additional features later.

What Is Green Screen Software?

Green screen or chroma key software are tools that filter out the green background and help you to put anything else instead of it.

This helps brings your creative ideas to life, even from the comfort of your home or an office!

Why Is Green Color used in Chroma Key?

The green color is used as a background as it is very easy to filter. Notice that it does not really look naturally green, but quite artificial. That helps the software to identify where the background is, filter it out and put something else in its place.


So there you have it. All the tools listed in this post will serve you well, the main differentiators are of course price points and some special features.

If you are just starting out with a green screen, you may want to try out the free tools on this list and move upwards when you will need more sophisticated software.


Is it difficult to use green screen software?

No. All the tools allow you to use the simple functions easily, with more sophisticated features if needed.

Are there free chroma key tools?

Yes. There are free green screen tools and chroma key tools, more in my post.


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