Market Research Tools For Startups, 2022

best market research tools

Market research tools should always be a first step that you do before you make any kind of a decision. They will help you navigate through digital markets, uncover hidden potential or prevent you from going into a market that would be extremly difficult.

The online audience is growing, that is brining a lot of opportunities while at the same time new competitors are entering the markets daily.

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Project Management Software For Small Companies

project management software

Project management software is an answer to remote work becoming a norm. Digitalization and tools that developed along with it are brining opportunities to hire colleagues from any country in any time zone.

There is a hickup. How do you manage your project when all of your team mates are in different locations? This is where the project management tools come int the picture.

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Apparel Software For Small Business, 2022

best apparel software

Apparel software platforms are tailored (pun intended) to put your retail business to the next level. Let me rephrase it, with the growing volume of orders – you will not be able to function without automatization and that is exactly what these tools will bring you.

The online apparel business is projected to reach $100bn this year, which would be hardly achievable if everybody would use Excel and Google sheets. But jokes aside, apparel software will solve many of the planning and production bottlenecks that will start to surface as you grow.

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Best Sales Management Software For Small Business, 2022

sales management software

Why do you need sales management software when Excel table or Google sheet can handle everything and everybody is already using it?

Time saving. In sales (as in other aspects of life) time is a precious resource. The last thing you want is for your sales representatives to spend their time linking tables, comparing inputs and doing manual data entries.

Sales management system will help your sales team focus on actual sales, rather than on various menial tasks around it. Research shows that sales reps. spend only 1/3 of their time actually talking to prospects, you definitely want to increase that.

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Order Management Software For Manufacturing, 2022

order management software

At some point, Order Management Software becomes a necessity, Excel table will just not cut it anymore!

Success comes with its own set of new problems. One of them being the number of orders that you have to monitor and fulfill.

At one point, this may become a bottleneck that is limiting your business, so you have to solve it quickly. In this post, we will look at some of the best tools for the job!

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