Make Money Online Writing: Up To $100 Per Article.

How to make money online? How to get a side job on the internet which could create a nice addition to your salary… Freelance writing could be the answer.

First of all…

Why writing? 

  • It is something anybody can do
  • You can learn and improve it
  • It pays well (very well in comparison to different survey sites etc.)
  • The more you write the better you get = you get paid more
  • You can actually create a career for yourself as you become an established writer

So let’s assume you just went on the internet, you know English… now what?

Where to start with Freelance Writing?

Fiverr – this is site is not particularly targeted on writing, but it has good demand and easy tasks you can start with. The basic payout limit is at $5, but it is up to you what it will be for and what additional services (for additional money) you will provide. You can post multiple “ads” with writing services you offer, it can be anything. “Will write 5 headlines”, “Proofread an article”, “Ghost write an article on XY topic”. The only limit is your imagination. Payments are going through Fiverr web, so you will receive your money. Idea is to sell easy $5 writing services (which you can do in 20-30min) and also provide additional (more expensive) services.

Upwork – After you tried out Fiverr, I suggest registering at Upwork (former eLance). This site is much more serious than Fiverr.  So create your profile. Do not forget to put some work samples, you can also take a couple of tests that will show your knowledge of English to potential employers. Spend time on creating a perfect profile. After you are done, start bidding for the writing jobs.

You may want to start off with lower price to get positive reviews and build a reputation, after that – sky is the limit. “Content is king” so you have new writing jobs there every day. Maybe you want to specialize on a niche (gaming, medicine, fitness)?  Possibly you will establish such presence that you will need a helping hand in writing so you will hire somebody to write with you and you will proofread the material.

In this category, I would highlight Upwork. In my opinion, in order to make money online and even create an online money making business in writing niche – this would be the place to concentrate your efforts.

As a Suggestion – have a look at the websites below, write a couple of articles for them. When you will have a number of articles approved you will have a little bit of training and you will better understand the requirements. Most importantly – you will have samples of your work to put on your profile.


How to make quick (and sometimes big) money with writing?

Below you will find a couple of webpages which pay big money for articles right from the start, as it always is there are some BUTs:

  • You should be quite a good writer
  • Required articles tend to be big
  • You should know the topic well
  • …your articles may be denied

In a moment you will see what I mean.

  1. TopTenz – these guys will pay you $50 for each post…if it is accepted. Word limit is set to a minimum of 1,500 words and post should be in list format (hence the name Top 10). How to get each article accepted and get that quick online money each and every time? It is not so easy – check this explanation by Shell Harris (owner of TopTenz).
  2. A List Apart – Similar approach to the TopTenz (Sell Harris actually says that he is a direct competitor). Same rules apply – minimum 1,500 words, list form. Some sources say that you have to wait longer to get the approval. Maybe it is worth the wait since they pay $200 for each accepted post.
  3. The Penny Hoarder – Slightly different system here. You are paid per number of views of your article. 51,000 views should bring you $100. So in theory, you could have big payouts (legends say they pay (very rarely) up to $800) but also no payouts at all if you post does not reach the minimum threshold.
  4. Matador Network  – in case you do not want to write THAT much, this is a network for you. MAXIMUM words limit is 1,500 and the pay is at $20-$25 per post.
  5. International Living – travel a lot? Want to monetize your recent experience in another country? This is the place to do it. They value the actual experience more than you quality as a writer and pay $75 per each accepted post. Making money online while traveling now seems a little bit easier, huh?
  6. iWriter – another nice service for authors, which does not expect you to be on Hemingway level. Here the demands seem to be a little bit lower and you can pick you own topic. The pay though is smaller at $15 per accepted post.
  7. FundsForWriters – want to write about what you are doing (writing articles for money) and get paid for that? This would be the place. Articles between 500 – 600 words and the payout is a nice $50 for each accepted article.
  8. uxBooth  – 1,000-1,800 words per article and a bit longer review period with a $100 pay for each post. So while the payout is interesting, no quick money here.
  9. College Humor – just an example of a niche site (a big niche site) they are paying $35 per single page article. Check some of their samples,


What if I want to improve my writing first?

I got you covered. First of all – writing, writing and even more writing.

Write an article for TopTenz, they did not like it? Submit to A List Apart. See what mistakes you are making. Improving your writing skills is a never ending process. In order to give you a helping hand here are some resources:

Free Online Courses. Are They Good? Where to Get Them? – my earlier post on free courses. You can find many which will help you become a better writer there.

50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills  – tools, grammar checks and resources to make you a writing powerhouse.



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