Keyword Planner, For Free?

Imagine that you write a great post.

Fantastic content, outstanding text editing… and no one reads it.

How is that possible?

Maybe it is the case of using the keywords which no one actually searches for. Maybe you just used a combination of words through your text that is not so popular with the people who searched for the information, maybe it was too specific or too broad…

Do not get me wrong – great content will always be superior to proper keywords placement (from SEO perspective). I am not implying that if you main keywords is “green tea” that you should have it 5 times in one sentence.

The goal of any published text is to get the information across to as many readers as possible in order to somehow help them. In order for that text to reach its “purpose” readers must be able to find it and here keywords start to play a “key” role.

How To Find The Right Keywords?

There are multiple tools on the internet. Many of the good ones are paid, but that is beyond the scope of this post.

We will talk about the one that if FREE and that is Google Adwords Keyword planner. Some time ago, it was accessible to everyone but Google changed it and now the keyword planner tool can be found only in your AdWords account.

Fortunately, the creation of Adwords account is free and you can do so here – Adwords Account

When you are done from your main dashboard you will see Tools in the menu and there will be the Keyword Planner.

How To Use Keyword Planner?

Let’s stick to the example of green tea, if we target USA / Any Languages – we will get this result.


Adwords Keyword Planner is made for… Adwords. So you will also see the bids which you would have to submit in order to rank on top for this keyword – if you would be running paid ads. That is not our case.

Still, this tool is immensely helpful.

What do we see here? 

Green Tea is searched up to 100k times a month, but the competition on the keyword is high (bidding competition). We can assume that if even the paid advertisement is “bided up” the normal content will be also pretty saturated.

We can also see that “green tea benefits” and “benefits of green tea” have same search volumes but low competition. It is an indication that we should write our content with use of this words rather than just “green tea”.

While this will not automatically rank your link on 1st page of Google, having this combination in your title and throughout your text will help you to rank higher.

After that, a little bit of “cross-analysis” will be good. Check in google what are the results on that particular keyword. Make sure that you are searching within the continent that interest you. (Maybe you want USA market but google will automatically switch to if you are in Germany)

…in conclusion

Keyword Planner is one of the tools that I use a lot. It may not provide the full detailed breakdown that you might need later on but it is for free. So in order to get your blog or webpage going that should be more than enough.

Additionally – Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress has a handy tool which shows you the “read ranking” and “SEO rank” of your post while you are writing it. So you can change it to be more reader friendly. Check it out.

What is your experience with targeting keywords? Comment below.


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