Kartra Affiliate Program Review [2022]

Kartra is a service of many stripes – in fact, they offer a wide choice of products. As an all-in-one platform, they can help you create a great sales funnel from start to finish. 

While Kartra is an impressive all-around, this review will focus on its affiliate program. Their affiliate program lets you maximize your earning potential by selling the sales funnel platform to your audience. 

How Do You Sign Up for the Kartra Affiliate Program?

Signing up with Kartra is an easy process. To get started, go to Kartra Affiliate Signup and click the “Affiliate Sign Up” button. From there, you’ll agree to their terms and conditions, sign up or log in, and proceed with the application. 

Additionally, anyone can apply to be part of the Kartra affiliate program. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or entrepreneur, they have packages for every business need. 

Kartra Affiliate Program Review

The program is free to join. Done right, you can make bank off your free account.  

With the Kartra commission system, you earn 40% commissions for life on every paid user you bring in. These commissions update when your users upgrade or renew their account. This means that if your referred users decide to buy a more expensive account, you get a bump in your commission, too. 

Kartra also includes a pricing plan called the JV recruitment program. With this link, you can earn a 10% recurring income for every sale generated by your affiliates on so-called level 2. 

However, you don’t include commissions on Kartra’s $1 14- and 30-day trial accounts. Furthermore, Kartra customers have a 30-day grace period to receive a refund. During this period, you’re ineligible to receive a commission. 

Thus, it’s only after your referred users are into their third month that you’ll see recurring profits. 

Additionally, any discounts your referred users get for buying annual packages is reflected in your commission. 

How Much Do You Earn as a Kartra Affiliate?

Let’s quickly review your earning potential through Kartra. For instance, if you offer the:

  • $99 dollar per month / $948 per year Starter plan, you’ll earn $39.60 monthly or $379.20 yearly
  • $199 per month / $1,799 annual Silver plan, you’ll receive $79.60 monthly or $715.20 yearly
  • $299 per month / $2,748 yearly Gold plan, you can make $199.60 monthly or $1,099.20 yearly
  • $499 per month / $4,548 per year Platinum plan, you’ll earn $199.60 per month or $1,819.20 per year

Not all Kartra’s services are priced the same, so your earning potential may vary. This is especially true if you promote their cheaper sister products. 

But because there are many products to promote so the chance of a conversion increases. The platform is tailored to fulfill so many digital marketing needs that it helps you sell a bit easier.  

How Do You Withdraw Funds?

Kartra offers standard payment options for its affiliate program. Plus, they only require you to have $100 minimum in your account to withdraw funds. 

Since their prices – and commissions – are so high, this isn’t a hard number to hit. 

When you’re ready (and able) to withdraw funds, you can use their Check option for a mailed delivery. Or, Kartra offers PayPal or WireTransfer, as well. 

Promoting Kartra’s Affiliate Program

When it comes to affiliate programs, the key is to advertise your new affiliation (don’t forget that FCC required disclaimer!). There are several ways to go about shouting your good fortune from the rooftops. 

To start you off, let’s review what services you can sell through Kartra. 

What Can You Promote with Kartra?

Kartra produces and sells a variety of subscription services aside such as their:

  • Helpdesk
  • Landing page builder
  • Affiliate management platform
  • Course builder
  • Email marketing service

Plus, for those in the webinar niche, you can even promote their sister products, Everwebinar and Webinarjam. 

Kartra Affiliate Program Review: Extra Promotional Features

On top of receiving a hefty commission for your referrals, Kartra also provides you with a ton of extras to sweeten the pot. These include a variety of promotional materials to increase your earning potential. 

For instance, they offer high-converting email campaigns to help you promote your link. Plus, they include a book of funnel templates to further your chances of making a sale.

Not to mention, they include unique landing pages for your trial and an evergreen book funnel. Furthermore, they provide a landing page for every feature and service they provide. So, you don’t have to worry about becoming intimate with their products.  

Kartra also makes it easy to make creative, fun displays for your pages, social media, and ads. 

Plus, they provide you with tons of attention-grabbing headlines for your social media accounts. These can go with your banners and other promos. 

For all these features, the Kartra affiliate program comes with tracking links to check on your actions, goals, and ROI. 

Other Ways to Earn with Kartra

Of course, you don’t have to stick with these promotional methods to see conversions with Karta. You can consider other options, as well, such as:

Blogging. Whether you want to blog about Kartra reviews, talk about your experience with their services, or offer tips and tricks to make their platform work for you, the world is your oyster. 

Webinar and video marketing. Marketing via webinars and YouTube is a great way to increase your viewership – and affiliate sales. You can film tutorials, comparison videos, or demos of Kartra’s various services. But this does mean you’ll have to sign up for their other platforms yourself.  

Social media ads. Kartra’s provided social media materials will definitely give you a leg up here. You can also write your own posts to increase your sales. 

Kartra Review: Affiliate Support Team

Lastly, let’s do a quick review Kartra’s customer service. 

If you need help getting started with Kartra, they offer both email and Skype support 27/7. 

All you need to do is send them a message with a brief description of your problem to receive prompt, personalized service. 


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