How To Start Your Own Blog Now!


Today I will share information on how to start your own blog, in minutes. 

I will keep adding new info as I write new posts on particular topics (how to choose a domain name, how to choose a theme etc.) but below you may find the main outline which will be more than enough to get you started.

1. Get Your “Online Business Address”

In all my business ventures I used GoDaddy or Moniker. Those are called “domain registrars” and there you can buy a domain (yep, all those domains belong to someone).

For example, belongs to me, nobody can register the same domain while I own it.

You do not need any fancy “add-ons” (GoDaddy goes heavy on cross-sell while you buy your domain) just the basic domain will do, I will explain in my later posts how to choose the domain name. For now, I will say one thing – buy only .COM (not .net, .org, .info and so on)

The only add-on that comes to mind would be domain privacy, which hides your personal information so it can not be seen on so-called “whois”. Those are services that show which domain belongs to whom.

2. Get Your Hosting!

Now we need our domain to “be on” a server which works 24/7 and allows your business to work even when you are asleep.

I suggest using Hostgator or Bluehost. This blog is running on Hostgator. The difference is mainly in pricing options. I did not even take the advantage of huge discount if you sign up with any of the providers for 36 months.

Here is the offer from Bluehost. Basic is most probably, all that you will need. I usually go for Plus Package to have some spare capacity.

The offer from Hostgator is very similar, as both providers offer easy WP install, both offer a domain name (in case you did not buy one already). Below are the packages from Hostgator, same applies – here both Hatchling and Baby plan would be good options.

Let’s clarify some additional points concerning the hosting purchase:

  • Should I pay monthly or pay for 12/24/36 months? That depends on you.  Paying upfront saves you a lot of money. I pay monthly so I am flexible if I will need any kind of change in terms of my “hosting package”.
  • If you are jus starting out, Basic/Hatchling plan is possibly all you need. I prefer to go one tier up – just in case that my project will pick up on speed really quickly.
  • If you purchase the domain already – just enter its name like this when hosting company will ask you to.

3. Connecting Your Domain to Hosting.

When you finalize the hosting purchase, you will receive an email with so-called DNS (Domain Name System) depending on the hosting that you’ve chosen in will look like / and / (number after NS may vary).

In Moniker:

  • You will go to My Domains.
  • Click on the domain you will be changing
  • Look for Nameserver 1 and 2, input the hosting nameservers accordingly
  • Click – Verify Changes

In GoDaddy:

  • Select Manage Domains
  • Select the domains you will be changing
  • Click – Set Name Server
  • Look for Nameserver 1 and 2, input the hosting nameservers accordingly
  • Click – Save Changes

In case you entered the domain when purchasing your hosting. Nothing else is needed here. In case not – enter your hosting cPanel (main account page) and assign the domain.

4. Installing WordPress

On Hostgator it is called QuickInstall on Bluehost it is called One-Click Install. Go there, search for WordPress, confirm and you will be installed in seconds. The details that they will ask (as blog title) can be changed. Email part is quite important as that is the place where you will receive your confirmations and passwords reminder in case you forget.

That is all for now, I will add new info and link to my post (as I will describe how to choose a perfect theme and domain etc.)

In case you would have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below!

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