How To Choose, Search and Buy a Domain Name.

Every business needs an address. Internet is not an exception. This is why you need a Domain Name.

You have an idea, a product, service, information that you want to share with all the users across the internet.  Now you have to place it somewhere…but where?

Why do you need your own domain? Read this – How To Start Your Own Blog Now!

Know everything and want to go which ones are available?Click Here. 

In case none of the above apply – let’s get some basic things out of the way.

What is a Domain Name?

Instead of writing an address like this 485.12.15.152 or something of that sort – is a much better option because you can actually remember it. This is why domain names exist.,, are all domain names that could be purchased by anyone. There are domain names that are selling for as low as $0.99 but also as high as several million dollars.

Why are Domain Names important?

First reason is listed above – easy to remember and it already shows what is the business about –, etc.

Before Google started to play such a major role in our life, people just typed what they were looking for in the address bar of their browser.

Now, let’s get to the important stuff!

How to choose a Domain Name?

Most of the good names will be taken.  You will not find any good (or any at all) one word or even two words domains. You can check if the domain is taken in so called whois services or any domain registrar (like this one). Just type the domain name that you are searching for and it will let you know if it is free or not.

Also, you will want it to be a .com domain.

If you want to buy a domain related to your country you can go with so-called geo tld but I would suggest buying ONLY .com domains. They are easy to remember and look more professional than .info, .org and so on.

So our options are limited. On one side you can choose a name which is not used in language at all – Google – and create a brand around it. I would suggest choosing a name that says something about your business. It will be easier to remember and while nowadays search engines do not pay such big attention to your domain name – still better have something that “fits”.

How to come up with a good domain name?

  1. Think about what is a popular word in English (as I suppose you will be going for English speaking users) for your market.
  2. Check it in What suggestions does Google give? What result are you getting?
  3. Check for search volumes and popularity in Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  4. Check Google Trends
  5. Rinse and repeat until you have multiple suggestions.

Find a domain that you like and that reflects what you want to promote. It is important that the domain is easy to understand and to remember.

In the end of the day, it is you who will have to look at it the most…at least at first.

After you have your ideas head to Domain Registrar.

What is a Domain Registrar?

That is the place where you can check if the domain is available, and most importantly – buy it.

I use GoDaddy and Moniker. Since GoDaddy is constantly running discounts, I would suggest giving it a try (or compare with and see what fits you better). Here you can search for a single domain:


In case you have many ideas, you can search in bulk and see which ones are free:


GoDaddy will try to sell you many additional services, in my opinion, the only one that you might need is Privacy Protection.

As you will see when searching for a domain, you can find the information about the existing owner of the domain. Privacy Protection covers this info so you data are not seen. Other solution would be to put in “not your primary” data. So there is no issue if it shows in the “whois search”.

Buying Your Domain Name

When you settled on a name that you find suitable, you will buy the domain. To be precise you RENT the domain for 1,2 or more years and you MUST extend the ownership (pay yearly fee) for the domain or it will “drop” and become available for other to registered.

So pay attention to that.

You can buy a .com domain for as low as $0.99 if you paid it with other services or the usual price is around $10 per year.

What to do after you bought the domain?

Easy, go here – How To Start Your Own Blog Now!

In case you have any questions, or suggestions – leave them in the comments below!

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