How To Find Social Media Accounts By Email Address For Free

In this post, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to find social media profiles by email address free.

You can find so much information about people online these days, and if you want to find out more about someone it’s really easy to do with the right tools. And here they are!

All you need is an email address from which to start your search, and all of their social media platforms will be just a few clicks away.

Can I find social media profiles by email address free?

The answer is yes! Finding social media is not that hard. You can do it manually or give a short to one of several websites that will try to find social media profiles by email for free.

Social Media Account Search Tools

It’s called Social Media Profiles Search (SMPS), and it does everything you need to find social media profiles by email.

These tools are not using any kind of hidden databases, they are just doing the manual work for you. So how do these SMPS work?

SMPS goes through public data of social media and other online mentioned and tries to find the email address of the owner to pair it with your query.

It is possible that their profile is not public, but they have mentioned it in a blog post or an article on LinkedIn for example. This means SMPS will find your information too!

Essentially these tools take out the manual work and go through every database that they can find. If you would do it manually, you would try LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and probably Instagram. But what about Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, TikTok, and many other membership sites and forums where the person might have left their email on various social media.

Some of these tools are Lullar, Rapportive, ManyContacts, Spokeo.

There is a huge BUT. I tried some of the tools that claim they specialize in finding social media accounts and profiles. None of them (none) was able to find something more than I already knew.

For example, Spokeo – when I entered my email address, said that it found 57 social profiles and 2 dating profiles. Which is nonsense.

Essentially, all of the tools that I’ve seen are trying to make you purchase wrong or unrelated information as they hide it behind the paywall.

I would avoid all of them!

Manual Social Media Account Search

I find it to be much more reliable than any tools I’ve tried so far. In the following sections, I will explain how to find social media profiles by email address for free. Without the need to pay for any online tool.

It is instant, more reliable and you can find even the most difficult social media account by person’s email.

Why can you find social media profile by email?

A big part of our life is online. We find our entertainment, news, and friends on social networks. We find new jobs or ask for info via LinkedIn, we share posts on Facebook, we upload on Instagram.

Through all this activity, people tend to leave their email addresses public. They might want to get more business opportunities, or just want to make new contacts in their niche. People want to be seen.

In some cases, it is as simple as forgetting to set privacy settings correctly. So it is possible to find social media profiles by email address free a

How To Find Social Media Profiles by Email Address for Free

Below are some of the quick tips on how you can find social media profiles by email address completely free.

Use Email Lookup Tools

Sure, email lookup tools do not focus on going through media accounts by email, but many of them have that option.

You just pop your email into the search bar of one of them and these tools will show you their social media account (if they find it).

Try Reverse Email Lookup Tools

Another way to make sure that you searched everywhere is to use reverse email lookup. These are powerful tools that search but in reverse…as the name suggests.

You put in the email or the phone number, and these tools search social media profiles and using an email address that you gave them, will try to identify not only the social media but also various other databases to find someone’s social media profile for you.

Google Search

Yep, you heard correctly. You can find social media accounts through a simple google search. Take the email that you have put into quotation marks and drop it into Google. Like this “[email protected]

There are various tools in for mo web app or a google chrome extension that will suggest that they will do it for you for a small fee, but in reality, finding someone’s social media is as easy as giving Google the right command.

Enter the email address in the Google search bar, get the social media of the person you were looking for.

Google with all the places it seen this address, usually, it will give out the social media accounts too.

Find their Facebook profile

You may be surprised by how smart Facebook is when it comes to finding people who are somehow connected to you.

Chances are that in the email that you have has a name or a surname, pop that into Facebook search and let it do its thing.

At many times, Facebook will give you the exact person that you are looking for, just based on what its algorithm is doing.

You will find that Facebook is one of the most accurate social media sites when it comes to finding somebody. It has got its own algorithm and it really does work because if you are looking for a person with a surname or name in their email, then chances are they have used these on other accounts too.

One great feature that Facebook has to help you find social media accounts by email, is that you can put email addresses in the search bar, and again – let Facebook do it thing.

It will give you back all the mentions that it was able to find that are connected to these email addresses and finding social media is a breath after this.

Check LinkedIn

In a similar manner as with Facebook, give a shot to LinkedIn. Linkedin algorithm works in a similar manner as Facebook.

Drop that name or surname in the search bad, and you may find the person you are looking for in the suggestions from LinkedIn.

If the email gave you any kind of other hints, company, name, surname – you can continue your people search by email and uncover other social media platforms that way.

Check Twitter

But with a twist, if you would just put email into Twitter’s search bar. Nothing would happen. To check if you can find whether your email is matched on the media platform, go to Google …once more.

Search for “Twitter + [email protected]” and Google will try to find all the relevant results based on the email id, all the names in that email.

(Just in case – blue tick icon does not mean that this person is real or not, vast majority of users do not have it, so do not get discouraged if the icon is not there).

Combine data

The email usually has a name, surname, and possibly a company (as the domain name). In your person’s email has it, the search for the email will be much easier.

In case, the email is not associated with a domain or company name (which happens often), you will find out that adding them all together offers more results.

Use a tool to find social profiles by email address.

How do I find someone’s email address?

If you are in a different situation and need to find somebody’s email address just with their social media accounts, or their name checks the post I linked above. It will explain everything and help you to find emails individually and in bulk.

How to find all social media accounts with a phone numbers?

You can use the same trick with google as with email. Just put the number in quotes and see if it was public somewhere. There are various online tools like Spokeo or Lullar that claim that they can find people social media accounts by email, phone number, name etc. Do reverse search and such.

I tried it on myself, and can not say that I would receive satisfactory results. It is nothing more than I would be able to get with a simple Google search.

How do I find someone by email address on Facebook?

In their profiles. A lot of people forget to set their priority settings correctly or just do not care that their email is public. In their bio in profile you can frequently find their email.

How do I find someone by email address on Instagram?

On their profiles, or when you follow them. When someone posts an image to their account and tags another user it will show up as tagged until that other person follows back or untags themselves from the photo.

How can I find someone’s social media for free?

You the tips in this post! The simplest way is to go to Google and enter this search query “name + twitter” or any other social media platform that you want to search on. Google knows everything.

How can I find hidden profiles with email addresses?

Here you need to be a real detective. These social media accounts can be found directly, so you need to see where they are tagged or where they commented.

You will have to brainstorm the social circle that the social media profile is in, and see if there are mentions anywhere.

How can I free reverse email lookup social networks?

I have a whole post on reverse email lookup right here, check it out.

The best app to find social media accounts?

Google. Sure, there are various tools and apps that claim that they can find something more that is publicly accessible, but so far this all had proven untrue.

All the publicly available information is listed on Google, you just need to know how to find what you need.

Is profile search by email good?

No. It gives you pretty much the same result as if you would search in Google, so nothing special to find here.

Even a chrome extension that I was seeing reviewed several times is not banned from the Chrome store. So the claims that these various tools can find someone’s email address of social media account better than you would do yourself seem to be false. At least based on my tests.


By using the steps in this guide, you will be able to find social media profiles by email address for free. Remember that there are a lot of different ways to find someone on social media and it is important to know what they have posted before deciding how you should contact them with an offer.

As a closing note, consider time investment. If you can not find the social media accounts that you are looking for, just move to another lead.

It is better to find 5 good leads than to spend too much time looking for that one elusive social media profile.


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