Fanatec CSL Elite Review [2021 Guide], My Experience With a Fanatec Wheel

This is a special hidden post about my experience with the Fanatec wheel or Fanatec CSL Elite wheel to be precise.

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The topic itself is very far from the main theme of my blog.

But I fell in love with sim racing and I had quite a difficult time choosing the right starting setup.

This is my first sim-racing rig and after many nights of comparisons, I decided to go for the Fanatec Wheel.

Fanatec CSL Elite Review

The best Fanatec wheel that is both on the lower price point and is compatible with both PC and PS4 is Fanatec CSL Elite.

Fanatec CSL Elite

I bought it, and never had a second thought. In this post, I would like to share my experience of using it for over 6 months.

The Look

It looks great. The wheel is a combination of Alcantara and rubber.

The base is plastic but the sturdy type. It will look great mounted on a desk and also on simracing rig.

The build is not obnoxious, it is very subtle yet nicely designed. It has that nice quality look that you can see from afar.

Fits into my room perfectly.

The Feel

As mentioned, the wheel it Alcantara and rubber. During your racing, you will be holding the rubber most of the time.

The rubbed sides of the wheel feel great while driving. Do not worry, your hands will never slip, the grip on them is great.

Rim has a good size, that gives you that “full” feeling when you put your hands on it.

It does not feel hollow or light. Feels very similar to a real car wheel.

The Shifters

The speed shifting pedals are on the Fanatec Wheel itself, so they turn with the wheel.

I prefer it this way as they are always at your fingertips.

Fanatec Wheel

When you shift up or down they have a nice resistance and click sound to it.

Shifters are made out of metal so I did not have to worry when shifting up and down aggressively through the corners.

The Base

Fanatec CSL Elite Base

When you unpack it the base is quite heavy. It feels very firm.

On the lower part of the base, there is a mounting setup for your table. If you take it off, you can mount the base directly on your rig.

Mine is placed on the rig, I use Next Level Racing F-GT Cockpit.

The holes are drilled exactly where you need them. The base sits perfectly still and firm on the rig.

Fanatec CSL Elite Base Back

On the backside of your rig has the connectors to your PC or Playstation. Also for pedals (if you are using Playstation) shifters and a handbrake.

When switched on the base is very silent, you can not hear it at all.

I actually left it on by mistake a couple of times as I forgot that it was running.

The Drive

The most important part. How if the Fanatec CSL Elite force-feedback?

It is great.

The drive is very smooth and you receive a great amount of information about the track through Fanatec wheel.

Feel of the ffb is very smooth. Even after a heavy driving session, there is no drag, rumble or trembling of any sort.

The ffb on this wheel allows you to feel when your car is firmly on track and when you will spin out.

Longer driving sessions are no problem at all. The feel of the road remains of the same high quality.


This goes beyond the scope of this post, but one of the supporting reasons I went for Fanatec is the load cell brake pedal.

It gives you the much-needed resistance when breaking, so it feels very real.

When driving, your muscles remember the resistance, not the length traveled.

So the brake pedal that has a nice firm resistance to it is a gamechanger!

Fanatec CSL Elite: Verdict

I am very happy with my choice.  Fanatec wheel (you can buy here) is outstanding in its quality, durability, and actual driving experience.

The only problem is that I am starting to look toward their direct drive models…but that is a completely different price range.

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