Excel Shortcut: Insert Row on Mac in Seconds

Understanding Excel Shortcuts on Mac

Fundamentals of Excel Shortcuts

Excel shortcuts are a great way to save time and increase productivity while working with Excel on a Mac. These shortcuts are combinations of keys that perform specific tasks within Excel. They can be used to quickly navigate through the software, format data, and perform calculations. Here are some fundamental concepts to keep in mind when working with Excel shortcuts:

  • Shortcuts are activated by pressing two or more keys at the same time.
  • Most shortcuts involve the use of modifier keys, such as Command, Control, and Shift.
  • Shortcuts can be customized to meet individual needs and preferences.

Excel Shortcuts for Inserting Rows

One of the most commonly used Excel shortcuts on a Mac is the shortcut for inserting rows. This shortcut is used to quickly add new rows to a spreadsheet without having to use the mouse or trackpad. Here are a few different ways to insert rows using Excel shortcuts:

  • Command + Shift + +: This shortcut inserts a new row above the current row.
  • Control + Shift + “+”: This shortcut inserts a new row below the current row.
  • Command + Shift + “+”: This shortcut inserts a new row above the current row and copies the formatting from the row above.

It is worth noting that these shortcuts work in Excel 2016 and later versions of the software. If you are using an older version of Excel on a Mac, you may need to consult the documentation or help files to find the appropriate shortcuts.

In conclusion, Excel shortcuts are a powerful tool for increasing productivity and efficiency while working with Excel on a Mac. By mastering these shortcuts, users can save time and streamline their workflows.

Efficient Workflow with Excel Shortcuts

Efficient workflow is key to productivity in Excel. One way to boost productivity is by using keyboard shortcuts. Excel shortcuts are a great way to save time and increase efficiency when inserting rows in Excel. In this section, we will cover some frequently asked questions about Excel shortcuts and how to use them to boost productivity.

Boosting Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be a real time-saver when it comes to inserting rows in Excel. Here are some of the most useful shortcuts for inserting rows:

  • Insert Row: Control + Shift + “+” or Command + Shift + “+”
  • Insert Rows: Control + Shift + “+” or Command + Shift + “+”
  • Selected Row: Shift + Spacebar
  • New Row: Control + Shift + “+”
  • New Row Above: Control + Shift + “+”
  • Arrow Key: Move to the row above or below and press Control + Shift + “+”
  • Excel Ribbon: Click on the “Insert” tab and select “Rows”
  • Toolbar: Click on the “Insert” button and select “Rows”

Frequently Asked Questions about Excel Shortcuts

How do I insert multiple rows at once?

To insert multiple rows at once, select the number of rows you want to insert and use the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + “+”. This will insert the selected number of rows above the current row.

How can I be more efficient when inserting rows in Excel?

To be more efficient when inserting rows in Excel, use keyboard shortcuts. This will save you time and increase your productivity. Additionally, consider using the Excel Ribbon or Toolbar to quickly insert rows.

How do I shift cells down when inserting a row?

To shift cells down when inserting a row, select the row where you want to insert the new row and press Control + Shift + “+” or Command + Shift + “+”. This will insert a new row and shift the cells down.

How can I secure my device when using Excel shortcuts?

To secure your device when using Excel shortcuts, make sure to keep your computer up to date with the latest security patches and updates. Additionally, be careful when downloading files or opening email attachments from unknown sources.

Where can I ask and answer questions about Excel shortcuts?

If you have any questions about Excel shortcuts, you can ask and answer them on forums such as Reddit or Stack Overflow. Additionally, consider reaching out to Excel experts for feedback and advice.

How can I learn more about Excel shortcuts and increase my knowledge?

To learn more about Excel shortcuts and increase your knowledge, consider taking online courses or reading books on the subject. Additionally, practice using shortcuts in your daily workflow to become more proficient.

Additional Resources and Support for Excel Users

Excel is a powerful tool that can be used in a variety of ways, but it can also be overwhelming for new users or those who want to improve their skills. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help Excel users get the most out of this software.

Subscription Benefits

Microsoft offers a variety of subscription options for Excel users, including Office 365 and Microsoft 365. These subscriptions provide access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Automatic updates to the latest version of Excel
  • Increased cloud storage space for files
  • Access to other Microsoft applications, such as Word and PowerPoint
  • Improved collaboration tools for working with others on Excel files

Training Courses

For those who want to improve their Excel skills, there are many training courses available. Some options include:

  • Online courses: Websites like Udemy and LinkedIn Learning offer a variety of Excel courses, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.
  • In-person courses: Many universities and community colleges offer Excel courses that can be taken in-person.
  • Microsoft training: Microsoft offers a variety of training resources for Excel users, including online courses and certification programs.


Excel users can also benefit from joining communities of other Excel users. These communities can provide support, advice, and new ideas for using Excel. Some options include:

  • Online forums: Websites like Reddit and Stack Exchange have communities dedicated to Excel users, where users can ask questions and get advice from others.
  • LinkedIn groups: There are many LinkedIn groups focused on Excel users, where users can connect with others in their industry and share tips and advice.
  • Meetup groups: Many cities have Excel-focused Meetup groups, where users can meet in person to discuss Excel and share ideas.

By taking advantage of these resources, Excel users can improve their skills and get the most out of this powerful software.


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